Bestselling Author Jackie Gonzalez Offers Free Preview of Creating Culture

Bestselling Author Jackie Gonzalez Offers Free Preview of Creating Culture
Bestselling author Jackie Gonzalez is a brand strategist, corporate culture consultant and executive coach who helps businesses develop and maintain the right environment to stimulate growth.  Now, she is offering her wisdom through her latest bestselling book, Creating Culture – Why Some Organizations Thrive While Others Survive.  For a limited time, visitors to Gonzalez’s website can download a free preview of the book, which reveals insights and strategies surrounding the process of building a strong corporate culture.

According to the author, corporate culture is more than just framed platitudes hung on the wall.  It’s the organization’s expression of itself.  As Gonzalez notes, culture is the “living, breathing DNA” that allows a company to deliver on its promise to clients, the workforce, and all stakeholders.  She further notes that culture is defined by leadership.  It’s “inspired from the top down, built from the ground up and expressed from the inside out.”   Beyond its products, a company’s “brand is culture turned inside out.”

Gonzalez says, “In the C-suite, the company looks to you to set the bar. What’s your vision for the company and why does it exist? Is it shared by all stakeholders? Is your vision worthy of peoples’ time, attention, and dedication? Is the executive team ‘living the brand?’ If you’re not in the C-suite, act like you are. The same principles of leadership apply whether you’re managing a team of ten or ten thousand. Either way, you can create a culture of inspired performance – a culture that will have your company thrive while others just survive..”

For a limited time, visitors to the website can download a free preview of Creating Culture.  The book will be released in June 2019.

About Jackie Gonzalez:  Jackie Gonzalez is an author, a sought-after public speaker and the CEO of J29 Associates, a strategy consulting firm in Southlake, Texas.  She has over 20 years of VP and C-level experience in sales, marketing, business development and organizational development and has provided consulting services to several Fortune 100 companies, including American Express, Allergan, Marriott International, and Pfizer, as well as government agencies including the USDA and the United States Institute of Peace and associations such as AdvaMed and MassDevice.


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