Brandon Marshall’s, Book “Man of Excellence: What Women Truly Want in a Man,” Hits Three Amazon International Best Seller Lists

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Brandon Marshall and T. Allen Hanes and Associates announce the book, “Man of Excellence! What Women Truly Want In A Man” hit number 1 on the International Amazon Best Seller list in multiple categories including “Psychology & Counseling,” “Health, Fitness & Dieting” and “Sexuality.”

In 2009 Brandon was introduced to the world of Entrepreneurialism. He started out being a Real Estate investor and immediately hired his first mentor to help him learn the craft as quick as possible. Within his first year he managed to flip 3 houses and he wouldn’t have done it without a coach.

Brandon was a young 21 year old man at that time and realized that there was a lot to offer being an entrepreneur. In 2013 he decided that the ultimate niche he wanted to pursue is to help men improve their dating lives. This business has grown rapidly because Brandon hired 3 different mentors in one year and they’ve all helped him in different aspects with “The Man of Excellence” movement.

Brandon went on to say “I first realized I was fascinated about the psychology of women and what makes them attracted to men when I was on vacation and a seagull pooped on me. For some reason I just broke out of my shell. I was really having a rough time that week because I was single trying to meet women and I was getting rejected left and right. But after the seagull incident I started walking with confidence and saying whatever came to my mind to people. I was 100% in touch with my core personality. Later that night I went to the bar and I remember gaining the attention of the whole entire room. Women were all over me by the end of the night and guys were asking me what my secret was. This made me extremely fascinated with mastering the technique and becoming the best version of myself.”

Zig Ziglar echoes the same “True joy comes when you inspire, encourage, and guide someone else on a path that benefits him or her”.

In his book Brandon answers questions like, Do you ever wonder what exactly makes a woman tick? Have you fell into the toxic belief that women don’t like nice guys? Have you been seeking out a way to seduce women without selling your soul or becoming somebody you’re not?

No matter what challenges you’re facing or what situation you’re in… This book will guide you to take the right steps in order to level up to becoming the highest version of yourself.

Brandon has personally coached men all around the world helping them evolve into “Men Of Excellence”. He has transformed Virgins into pure naturals with phenomenal social confidence. He has helped those that were doing “ok” with women and giving them the techniques to do “excellent” with women.

In this book he reveals all the secrets he has learned in the past 8 years about what women truly want in a man. Keep an open mind and follow him on this journey… You’ll be simply amazed how much your life will change by applying the strategies within this book.

“When I was in Jr. High I had trouble with women. I was incredibly insecure with myself and I was always trying to be like other people. Fast forward 10 years and I have now graduated college, run my own business, and I love life. I’ve had too many women to count and honestly have gotten a bit bored of them. I no longer have to chase women. They chase me.
How did I get here? I stopped trying to focus on the chase and on THEM and instead focused all on ME. Women respect a man who has goals and aspirations. They love a man who is motivated, driven, and energetic. Focus on being you and become the best version of yourself. This is something that I found to be a very true tone in this book by Mr. Marshall and I can only recommend it so that you too can unlock the man of excellence within. The book is written in a easy to understand and somewhat explicit manner. The book design looks amazing next to my collection of other books like GOOD TO GREAT and ZERO TO ONE. Yes, I am a business man who is always hungry for knowledge and trying out a new author here and there is what I do.”

                                                                                              -Bruce Growbowski

“I started the Man of Excellence business working at a security job in front of a bank. Many late nights drinking coffee just to stay awake so I could write books, a blog or get in contact with prospects. It was very challenging going all in on entrepreneurship while balancing my health & relationship.

Eventually I realized that I had to make a change because if I continued to totally neglect my relationship for my business I was going to lose my girlfriend… and what kind of Man Of Excellence can’t find balance in his life? Marshall went on to say, It was tough having a job and a business to run but I noticed when I focused on other aspects of my life like Spirituality, investing in my relationship and pushing my body to the limit then my finances started coming together. All aspects of life complement each other… and finding balance had to be the biggest struggle as a new entrepreneur.”

T. Allen Hanes

#1 Best Selling Author, International Speaker, Radio Host. T. Allen Hanes is long a time entrepreneur and business contributor for Small Business Trendsetters, CNN iReport, Thrive Global and Medium. He is also the founder of The Authority Syndicate Group. Co-Founder of The Crypto business Forum New York. An Educator and Advocate for entrepreneurs and small business owners. He has also traveled the world speaking and educating audiences.