‘Technology Evangelist’ Sabrina Lowery Talks of Growing Need For Tech Savvy Realtors

Sabrina Lowery brings her technical expertise from Google to the Real Estate Market. Here to talk with Craig Williams today about the benefit of Google Business products for Realtors.


Craig:     Today I have the opportunity to talk with Sabrina Lowery. Sabrina is the owner, broker, manager, and Realtor, certified property manager of Atlanta, Georgia-based Legacy Realty and Management LLC.

                        Sabrina, just tell me a little bit about what it is that you do.

Sabrina:           Sure. Thank you, Craig, for having me. First of all, Legacy Realty and Management is my own branded real estate brokerage with a boutique field. We specialize in residential and commercial real estate. My team of 7 licensed real estate professionals and 1 administrative assistant form the company, Legacy Realty and Management.

                        We are a Georgia-based brokerage servicing 11 counties throughout the state of Georgia currently, almost 100 single-family homes, condos, and town homes are in our property management portfolio that encompass investors internationally as far away as Australia and Canada.

                        I have 12 years of real estate experience. All of that time, I have been a Realtor by designation with the National Association of Realtors, and have sold multi-million dollars in sales revenue over my real estate career.

Craig:         Wow! For 12 years, you’ve been really working in the real estate field. How many years has it been since you really stepped out on your own and formed your own brokerage?

Sabrina:           4 years. Before real estate, I was a computer programmer and developer for an IT department for a local nationalized branded children’s wear company. I developed a software system for their sales order management. My undergrad degree is in computer and information systems.

                        After 13 years of doing that full time, not to mention the commute – 55 miles one way from my home in Smyrna – I got a little burnt out from the corporate entity and the IT job, so I stepped out as an entrepreneur in the real estate arena.

                        Once I got my real estate license, I was mentored by an awesome lady in the very large forum company Coldwell Banker Residential Brokerage, which I’m sure everyone has heard of. Being under her wing for 7 years, I learned the ins, the outs, the behind-the-scenes, the administrative path, not to mention the leadership skills that it would take as an entrepreneur to actually grow my own brokerage.

                        I had my real estate broker’s license since 2006. I formed my first entity, which was Sabrina Lowery Realty in 2010, before I had my son.

                        Once I did that, I was the managing broker for another local real estate company here and started their property management division of a company that only did sales and grew their team of over 25 agents that came on board with me as property managers and sales agents. We grew a property management portfolio of over 100 properties in 7 months under my leadership.

                        Once I got that company up and running, it became why am I doing for someone else what I can be doing on my own? That was the birthing of Legacy Realty and Management in July of 2012. My company is almost 3 years old now. I’m very, very excited that we’ve had the growth that we’ve had, I’ve grown my team of 7 agents over the course of that time, not to mention that we are selling to investors and cash buyers and international foreign entities on a day-to-day basis.

Craig:         What was it originally that made you interested in getting further into real estate?

Sabrina:           It was my own personal experience in shopping for my home. I had an awesome Realtor. Before that process, I knew absolutely nothing about real estate. I had never invested in real estate. I didn’t even know what the job of a Realtor truly entailed.

                        With her fabulous-ness, she walked me through all of the steps that it would take to become a homeowner. At the end of our transaction, she just basically said to me, “If you think that you can do for others what I’ve done as a service, you should consider real estate.” I was like, “Seriously? It’s that simple?”

                        She’s like, “Yeah. You don’t even have to have a college degree, even though there are college courses for real estate, but you can go to real estate school, take the test, get a Georgia state license, and start working your own business.” She said a mouthful and, 3 weeks later, I was a licensed real estate agent.

Craig:         Wow! It’s just the right time. It clicked for you to start taking that addition. It sounds like since it worked, you got your confidence and really stepped out and its grown since then.

Sabrina:           Absolutely.

Craig:         With the business that you currently have, Legacy, it sounds like this is really just growing and growing and growing, as you got your confidence in stepping out on your own and having your own brokerage and then expanding beyond just a one-person brokerage into several people into these international deals.

Neil Howe

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