Brant Phillips – Navigating The Realities of Residential Real Estate Investing

How can they find out more?

Brant:         The best way is to go to my website, which is and they can get quite a bit of information there. And also if it’s something they’re not sure about or they’re kind of thinking about right now, there’s a link on that website, if they’d like to request a free strategy session with me.

I do a lot of phone calls just to kind of see where people are at. Talk to them about some of their fears or see if some of their aspirations are in line with what is reasonable starting out. And just kind of help them out on that strategy session.

So that’s at

Jack:          All right. Perfect. Brant, I want to thank you for being on Influencers Radio. You really are an influencer and I know that you have and will continue to inspire folks with what you’re doing. Thank you very much.

Brant:         Thanks, Jack. I really enjoyed it.

Jack:          All right. Folks, there you have it. Check it out and a lot of lessons in this interview, for sure. Just in the way Brant even built his business with getting very, very specialized in working with a group of folks like real estate investors.

So a lot of lessons that you may miss. This is definitely one to listen to more than once.

So until next time on Influencers Radio, this is Jack Mize. Remember, you are the only game changer.

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