Jodie Rodenbaugh – Chief Lifestyle Agent On Avoiding High Profile Public Success Turning To Personal Failure

Jack: Jodie Rodenbaugh is the Chief Lifestyle Agent. She helps highly successful business owners, CEOs, athletes, and public officials. She helps those that seem to have reached the pinnacle of success, but behind closed doors, they are not realizing the success and the fulfillment in their lives that they thought they were going to experience when they reached the point in their life and their business and their career that they have reached.

Jodie, welcome.

Jodie: Thank you, Jack.

Jack: Well, I’ve got to say, and going through and doing some background on what you do and understanding what it is you do, it really is remarkable, from a number of aspects. And I’ve got to say, if I’m going to be transparent, I’ve probably uncovered a few things that might have been a little sexist myself, when I think about these things.

And I’m sure that you’ll uncover these as well.

So what I want to find out first, the folks that you mention, and here’s a quiz I want to have for the audience, when I just mentioned who Jodie helps, who her clients are, the people that she works with, how many of you immediately thought I was talking about men?

Right? And here’s what I want you to know. That’s exactly who I was talking about. You primarily work with men that are in these fields, and I think we’ll discover why, because they have sometimes very different problems than women. But I want to know what is it that got you here? What is it that unfolded this opportunity for both you and the people that you help, really turn themselves around when they’ve reached that level of success that doesn’t turn out to be what they thought it would be?

Jodie: Well, you know, Jack, my whole life has been really on this journey to be where I am today, standing in this position that I’m standing in and speaking to you. I have continually throughout my life, had experiences that have brought me to this place of just continually myself, working toward what it means to be successful. What it means to have true wealth, true life, true love, true adventure.

And there was a time in my life, about six years ago, where I was kind of looking at my life, going, gosh. I’m at this point where I’m pretty freaking successful.

I have a husband who adores me. I love my career. I have two kids, one on the way. And I’m at the top of my game. I designed my home. Built it from draft paper on up. And I felt extremely accomplished as a woman, as a wife, as a mother.

And yet, inside, I felt completely unfulfilled. I felt like something was missing and there was something I couldn’t put my finger on what exactly it was.

And then, shortly after that, the bottom fell out for me. And my bottom was my husband was accidentally killed during a routine rotator cuff surgery. And I was fifteen weeks pregnant with our third child.

That was the darkest of dark that I had ever experienced and I did not want to stay in that place whatsoever. And that was a time where I decided, I made a big decision to stand in this feeling of I am here to live. Like it’s either do or we die. And I’m here to live.

So I had to be committed to life and love and what it means to experience joy and freedom and all of it that we truly all want.

So for the past five years, I’ve been building towards that and helping others do the same.

Jack: Well, it sounds to me, what really jumped out at me is it looked like you were forced to redefine what success really was.

Jodie: Absolutely.

Jack: It looks like you were forced. And from talking to you and seeing what you do, it looks like the folks that you help, because they are, some of them are very high profile, when you talk about CEOs, athletes, public officials, that a lot of times, they may have started this journey defining success and maybe putting a dollar figure on it. That they thought success meant financial.

Jodie: Right.

Jack: And it sounds like from what you’ve been through that it kind of hits you right in the face, that, whoa, that’s not necessarily what success is.

And it sounds like really the core of what you do is help them understand that what they achieved was not the success that they romanticized about, but the success that I guess society has defined as that financial number.

Jodie: Right.

Jack: Is that, has it really come down to redefining what success is for these folks?

Jodie: It is about redefining, in a financial perspective. And it’s also redefining in relationships and in love.

You know, we think that we have been bred and born to come to this point, like everybody else, the two kids and the white picket fence and the house, the car, the toys, the adventures. You know, all of that, and yet, we’re feeling so lost still. So confused.

Jack: Well, you know, one of the things, the confusion comes into it, and maybe them not being recognized, but I can say, one of the common threads that I’ve seen from a lot of your clients or what the people that you’ve worked with and changing their outcomes, was in relationships.

Specifically with maybe bad choices.

Jodie: Right.

Jack Mize

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