Jairek Robbins on Achieving Success by Living with Purpose

Today I am talking with Jairek Robbins, performance coach, lifestyle entrepreneur and author of the best selling book, Live It: Achieve Success by Living with Purpose, which explains the how the process of creating and envisioning your ideal day can allow you to start living it today.

Jairek, at the young age of 23 you were awarded the Congressional Award Gold Medal from the United States Congress. You’ve traveled the globe on a ship. You’re helping build schools and houses in multiple countries around the world. You’ve gone cage diving with great white sharks, encountered silverback gorillas, worked as a volunteer in underdeveloped regions and support a number of charities and non-profits. And I probably haven’t even get through half the list.

Jack: Jairek, here’s what I want to know. When are you going to stop being such a slacker?

Jairek: Well, I’ve obviously been avoiding as much as I can, so I figure I’ll start now and see what happens. Hopefully, it turns out well.

Jack: Well, that’s a mouthful. Starting at twenty-three. And now, you’re a young man. Thirty years old, right?

Jack Mize

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