Don’t Try This at Home Kids; Tips from a Marketing Expert

Janelle Optimized-Head Shot In today’s feature interview, we will be hearing from Janelle Page, founder and CEO of KickFire Marketing. Janelle has been the architect of successful and strategic, laser beam focused marketing campaigns for businesses large and small for over a decade. Janelle is a highly sought after marketing consultant and popular speaker. She travels around the nation teaching marketing bootcamps to business owners and is regularly featured in industry magazines and the press for her business acumen and marketing expertise.

Jane Tabachnick: What are the most common questions your prospects ask?

Janelle Page: Aside from “How much is this gonna cost?” the most common question is “How soon will I get results?”. The answer, of course, varies on how soon they get started, the tools used in the campaign, and the plan set in the blueprint. Some tactical results are immediate, some are part of the long term strategy. Each marketing campaign has to be tailored to fit the needs and goals of each individual business owner. To ensure that happens, I work with my clients to plan and execute a customized marketing solution, rather than a less-effective “one-size fits all” product.

Jane Tabachnick

Jane Tabachnick is a bestselling author and a contributor to CNN, Firepole Marketing and other publications where she covers influencers, innovators, and entrepreneurs.