Certified Financial Planner, Speaker, And Daily Money Manager Teri Rogowski Hits Four Amazon Best Seller Lists with “Peace of Mind for Money Matter$”

Certified Financial Planner™, speaker, and daily money manager Teri Rogowski‘s recent release, Peace of Mind for Money Matter$ hit four Amazon best seller lists on May 18, 2021, earning top placement in multiple personal finance categories. The book also garnered number one placement on four new release lists at its debut.

The insights and information in this book are based on true life experiences. Filled with practical, easy-to-understand, actionable steps to understanding personal finance, the book demystifies financial terminology about insurance, banking, and borrowing. It removes the confusion and overwhelm and helps readers create order to what can be money matter chaos.

Due to illness, divorce or other unexpected life events, the responsibility of paying bills and monitoring finances often falls upon a spouse or younger generation. For anyone suddenly been thrust into the role of financial caretaker for a loved one and feeling unprepared to manage these new responsibilities, this book is an essential guide for understanding and navigating this new journey.

Data from the Pew Research Center shows that twelve percent of parents are part of the “sandwich generation.” Many in this generation (typically people in their thirties or forties, responsible for bringing up their own children and for the care of their aging parents) do not live in close proximity and have extraordinary demands of work and childcare.  The content of Peace of Mind for Money Matter$ is a must read for members of the sandwich generation, caregivers, those facing a life transition, or seeking a guide for understanding how personal finance works.

In response to the success of the book at its release, Rogowski shared, “I am thrilled to provide this resource to the public.  So many people are confused and experience both anxiety and stress tied to managing basic financial matters. Early readers have shared that the information was presented in a way which made it easy to understand and instilled confidence in tackling financial tasks, both for themselves and those who depend on them for help in this area.”

The book is available in both paperback and Kindle on Amazon

About the Author

Teri Rogowski found her true passion later in life, after spending a quarter of a century providing financial guidance to the clients of a national firm. Determined to create a personalized service especially for women, she founded Day2day Personal Financial, LLC. Since 2017, she has been providing a customized approach designed to help her clients with their daily money management needs. She is part educator, part research pro, part taskmaster, part numbers cruncher and part cheerleader.

To learn more about Teri and her services, visit Day2Day Personal Financial


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