Cynthia Rando Helps Business Owners Make the Most of the Human Potential in their Company

Tracy: Today I’m interviewing Cynthia Rando from Sophic Synergistics. Welcome Cynthia, thank you for being here today. Before we get into Sophic Synergistics, could you tell us a little bit about yourself and how you came to be an entrepreneur?california group lead discussion

Cynthia: My family is entrepreneurial in nature, and I grew up in this environment. My father dreamed of owning his own bus company back in the 70’s and finally opened his bus company in 1979. I was born that year, and my very first words were “North Shore Tours”, because that is what I would hear my parents saying all day long answering phones for the business. I then started working for my dad as soon as I was able to do odd chores such as fold flyers to be mailed. My sister and I both washed and cleaned the buses when they would come back from trips, and I also worked in my father’s office booking travel with customers. It was a family affair, and my parents worked very hard while also holding down a full-time teaching jobs. I think it was always the path I was on because that’s what I knew and I owe my parents a great deal. I had spent 12 years at NASA working in various capacities that ultimately led to the development of a broad skill set well suited for consulting. I began to feel that it was time to disrupt my career and take a chance to reach my potential, as with any job you tend to reach a point where growth stalls and it is up to you to recognize opportunities to change course.

T. Allen Hanes

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