Dame Doria Cordova, Speaking At “The Rockin’ Life At Any Age” Summit, Oct 31st – Nov 4th, With World Renowned Experts & Transformational Leaders

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Never before have this many World-Renowned Experts gathered to share their secrets and personal stories so they, too, can create a fulfilling, successful, and happy life in their 40s, 50s, 60s, and beyond!

Dame Doria Cordova would like to extend an open invitation to join her at this one-of-a-kind event co-hosted by Debra Halperin Poneman and Natalie Matushenko & team!

Dame Doria will be speaking about “How To Build Your Deservability Level to Make a Greater Impact & Create Wealth!”

Alongside other world-renowned experts/friends like:

• Neale Donald Walsch – It’s All About True Love – and Listening to God
• Marianne Williamson – Reflections on Aging Consciously: Creating a Miracle Minded Chapter Three
• Gurudev Sri Sri Ravi Shankar – On Love, Service, Being Nobody, and Being Everybody
• Marisa Peer – Programing Your Mind for Agelessness through Hypnosis and Living Life the Right Way
• Les Brown – Life is Like an Elevator: On the Way Up, You Need to Let Some People Off
• Dr. Laura Berman – Love and Sex At Any Age (and Why We Stay in Bad Relationships)
• Dr. John Gray – The Secrets to Great Male/Female Relationships and Better Sex
• Lisa Nichols – Living Your Dream – No Matter What!
• Dr. Sue Morter – The Energy Codes and Creating the Life You Desire
• Sonia Ricotti – The 3-Step Blueprint to Bouncing Back BIG and Living Your Greatest Life
• Marci Shimoff – How to Be Happy for No Reason
• Mary Morrissey – The #1 (Fool-Proof) Tool For Creating A Life You Love… At Any Age!
• Colette Baron-Reid – 3 Secrets to Living a Magical Life (and Oracle Cards As a Tool for a Meaningful Life)
• Ken Honda – How to Transform Negative Money Beliefs and Heal Your Life with Happy Money
• Marie Diamond – Rock Your Life Like A Queen with Feng Shui
• Lynne McTaggart – The Best of Intentions: Create your Third – and Best-Act
• Joan Borysenko – It’s Not the End of the World: Develop Resilience for Life!
• Katherine Woodward Thomas – True You Awakening: Discover The Secrets Of Sourcing From The Future To Radically Heal & Transform Your Life
• Jennifer McLean – The Formula to Discover and Live Your Soul SuperPower
• Janet Atwood – It’s All About Self-Love!
• Carol Tuttle – Dressing Your Truth – And the Unique Style Challenges for Women Over 40
• Deborah Murtagh – Stay Young Through Metabolic Flexibility and Fasting
• Alison Armstrong – Clarity is the Key to Rockin’ Relationships – At An Age!
• Lynne Twist – Soul of Money: Transforming Your Relationship with Your Money & Your Life
• Pamala Oslie – Be Part of the New Renaissance: Parallel Universes and Your Aura Colors
• Margaret Lynch Raniere – Chakra Secrets for More Passion, Energy, and Delicious Aliveness
• Niraj Naik – Discover Your Inner Pharmacy and Heal with SOMA Breathwork
• Arielle Ford- Finding Love in Your 40’s – And the Story of the 3 Weddings
• Rikka Zimmerman – Why Returning Home to Self-Love is Vital for Physical and Emotional Healing
• Robin Nielsen – The THREE Hormone Secrets to Eliminate Anxiety, Lose Weight, and Boost Energy
• Lisa Garr – Live Beyond Your Story and Be of Service with the Gifts You Are Given
• Dr. Margaret Paul – Inner Bonding and the Secrets to Divine Connection
• Tristan & Sabrina Truscott – Raise Your Energy, Rock Your Life with QiGong
• Derek Rydall – How to Thrive in the Midst of Pain, Loss, and Challenge
• Florencia Andres – How to CRUSH Self Doubt and Gain REAL Confidence At Any Age
• Dr. Keesha Ewers – It’s Possible to Heal from Childhood Trauma and Live Your Soul’s Potential
• Lisa Barnett – Opening Your Akashic Record – and Changing Your Life Forever!
• Christy Whitman – Why Age is Inconsequential (According to the Council of Light)
• John Newton – Feel Aligned and Supported by Nature – and Directly Experience Ancestral Forgiveness
• Dr. Brianne Grogan – The Pelvic Tension Pandemic! – and Why You Should Care
• Shelly Lefkoe – Eliminate The Beliefs That Are Keeping You Stuck
• Sister Jenna – Giving It All Up to Gain Everything
• Brittany Watkins – How to Stop Food Cravings and Emotional Eating
• Misa Hopkins – Three Secrets to Unshakable Self Love
• Dr. Anita Sanchez – Indigenous Wisdom and the 4 Sacred Gifts
• Anat Baniel – Activate Your Brain for Vitality with NeuroMovement
• Forbes Riley – Rock Your Body, Your Love Life, and Your Future with Self-Made Millionaire
• Abiola Abrams – Womanifesting with the Goddesses and Understanding Your Shadow
• Peggy O’Neill – Tapping Into Your True Joy
• Michelle Marchant Johnson – 3 Keys to Finding the Love of Your Life and Living the Life You Dream Of!
• Shashi Solluna – Understanding True Tantra: Reviving Your Life and Your Sex Life
• Robin & Michael Mastro – Secrets of Prosperity, Success, and Wellbeing through the Ancient Indian Art and Science of Vastu
• Dipika Delmenico – Ancient Healing Intelligence for Regeneration Now
• Cynthia James – Now Is The Time to Leap!
• Robyn Lynch – Understanding Ayurveda and Taking Your Health Into Your Own Hands
• Dr. Rev. Terrlyn Curry Avery – Healing Racial Separation From the Inside Out
• Rajshree Patel – Vital Force: Turn On Your Power
• Karen Putz – Unwrapping Your Passion In Midlife and Beyond
• Terri Britt – How Rocking the Boat Can Help You Become Miss USA!
• Karen Abrams – Rock Your life Even in Rocky Times and Transform Your Inner Bully Into Your Best Friend
• Shifra Hendrie – The Greatest Light is in the Darkness
• Ronnie Newman – Anti-Aging for Your Brain and Your Body
• Jose Hernandez – The Biggest Life Lesson I Learned When I Died
• Debra Poneman – The Secret of Inner Silence and Outer Success and the Effect on Your Longevity
• Sherry Gaba – Codependency and the Ramifications of Family Secrets
• Natalie Matushenko – Live with Passion & Purpose for Agelessness and Manifest Abundance with Your Unique Money Personality

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Join 60+ of the most respected experts in the world – transformational leaders, NY Times bestselling authors, doctors, natural practitioners, and renowned healers – so that in just 5 days, you can learn how to:

• Transform your mindset so you feel genuine and spontaneously optimistic, inspired, and peaceful
• Create your life from abundant possibility rather than fear, anxiety, and lack
• Boost your health and feel energetic, vibrant, and sexy
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• Change the global conversation of what it means to be vibrant, confident, healthy, and wise in your 40’s, 50’s, and beyond.
• And so much more!

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Now more than ever, people need the wisdom and tools to stay ageless, inspired, and vibrantly healthy to make the impact they want in our families, communities, and the world.

Dame Doria (DC) Cordova, Ph.D. (Hon.), CEO, Global Business Developer, Sustainability Entrepreneur, Ambassador of New Education, and Mentor of Nurturing, Dame Doria has found the perfect sync between Money, Mindset, and Peace.

Doria owns Excellerated Business School for Entrepreneurs, Money & You, and other Excellerated programs, a global platform that has over 200,000 graduates since 1979 from over 85 countries – especially from the Asia Pacific region and the Americas. The programs are taught live and online in English, Chinese, and Japanese – soon expanding to Tamil, Hindi, Spanish, Bahasa, and other languages.

Many of today’s wealthy and business leaders have attended the Money & You program and transformed the way they teach, chose to have a greater positive impact in the World, and integrated into their organizations the win/win/win principles taught in the program.

You can see the Notable Instructors that have taught at Excellerated Business Schools, including the likes of R. Buckminster Fuller, who inspired her and many others to live their lives and create products and services, asking this question: “How do we make the world work for 100% of humanity, in the shortest possible time, through spontaneous cooperation, without ecological offense or the disadvantage of anyone?”

Her stated purpose is to “uplift humanity’s consciousness through socially-responsible businesses.” Leading by example, Doria is a philanthropist humanitarian and is known as an Ambassador of New Education with a tireless pursuit to transform educational systems around the World and eradicate poverty and hunger. She supports numerous non-profits, foundations, and humanitarian organizations as a mentor and champion. She is now leading this work through the Doria Cordova Foundation.

Dame Doria would also like to invite people to attend The Money & You Program. Discover the program that has created more Socially Responsible Millionaires/Entrepreneurs than any other single event in existence.

The Money & You program can give people access to powerful, time-tested, and proven strategies, tools, and skills, based on a set of immutable “Laws of the Universe” and the international playground and community to create long-term sustainable wealth which is not about having to work hard. Success is understanding the “Laws of the Universe” that govern how we design our lives and how we can live fully, truly, and fully engaged from a powerful position of choice.

The Money & You’s Excellerated Learning Process will show people how:

• To work with and inspire people through connection and strong relationships.
• To grow a business using leverage so a person can work smarter, not harder.
• To develop a strong mindset of abundance for all and how there is plenty for everyone.
• To recognize a social problem and use entrepreneurial principles to organize, create, and manage a business to make social change.
• To be free from money enslavement forever.
• Discover how to peel back the layers of success, wealth, and business-building breakthroughs. It means going back to the basics…
• How to make decisions about a person’s future.
• How to determine where a person should put their time and effort.
• What to think about people and how to deal with specific types of people.
• Knowing the biggest key to long-term, sustainable success.
• Understanding how multi-millionaires and billionaires think about life and society.
• Create quantum leaps in business, relationships, health, spirituality, and community.

Money & You is one of the world’s most respected, life-changing programs today…The Money & You program has literally changed tens of thousands of people’s lives around the world over the last three decades. Money & You teaches proven principles, strategies, formulas, and tactics unlike any other program available.

It is about changing a person’s relationship with money-how; it impacts their life, how they relate to it, and how to manage it.

It is an intensive program proven to transform anyone’s business and personal life, focusing on creating lasting wealth and human connection. It is a life-changing experiential program for socially conscious entrepreneurs – it is not a seminar or workshop!

To learn more, visit MoneyandYou.com 

Email:  info@MoneyandYou.com

Call using the WhatsUp App to reach their office:

+1 619 224 8880.

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