Dame Doria Cordova, Speaking At “The Rockin’ Life At Any Age” Summit, Oct 31st – Nov 4th, With World Renowned Experts & Transformational Leaders

Never before have this many World-Renowned Experts gathered to share their secrets and personal stories so they, too, can create a fulfilling, successful, and happy life in their 40s, 50s, 60s, and beyond!

Dame Doria Cordova would like to extend an open invitation to join her at this one-of-a-kind event co-hosted by Debra Halperin Poneman and Natalie Matushenko & team!

Dame Doria will be speaking about “How To Build Your Deservability Level to Make a Greater Impact & Create Wealth!”

Alongside other world-renowned experts/friends like:

• Neale Donald Walsch – It’s All About True Love – and Listening to God
• Marianne Williamson – Reflections on Aging Consciously: Creating a Miracle Minded Chapter Three
• Gurudev Sri Sri Ravi Shankar – On Love, Service, Being Nobody, and Being Everybody
• Marisa Peer – Programing Your Mind for Agelessness through Hypnosis and Living Life the Right Way
• Les Brown – Life is Like an Elevator: On the Way Up, You Need to Let Some People Off
• Dr. Laura Berman – Love and Sex At Any Age (and Why We Stay in Bad Relationships)
• Dr. John Gray – The Secrets to Great Male/Female Relationships and Better Sex
• Lisa Nichols – Living Your Dream – No Matter What!
• Dr. Sue Morter – The Energy Codes and Creating the Life You Desire
• Sonia Ricotti – The 3-Step Blueprint to Bouncing Back BIG and Living Your Greatest Life
• Marci Shimoff – How to Be Happy for No Reason
• Mary Morrissey – The #1 (Fool-Proof) Tool For Creating A Life You Love… At Any Age!
• Colette Baron-Reid – 3 Secrets to Living a Magical Life (and Oracle Cards As a Tool for a Meaningful Life)
• Ken Honda – How to Transform Negative Money Beliefs and Heal Your Life with Happy Money
• Marie Diamond – Rock Your Life Like A Queen with Feng Shui
• Lynne McTaggart – The Best of Intentions: Create your Third – and Best-Act
• Joan Borysenko – It’s Not the End of the World: Develop Resilience for Life!
• Katherine Woodward Thomas – True You Awakening: Discover The Secrets Of Sourcing From The Future To Radically Heal & Transform Your Life
• Jennifer McLean – The Formula to Discover and Live Your Soul SuperPower
• Janet Atwood – It’s All About Self-Love!
• Carol Tuttle – Dressing Your Truth – And the Unique Style Challenges for Women Over 40
• Deborah Murtagh – Stay Young Through Metabolic Flexibility and Fasting
• Alison Armstrong – Clarity is the Key to Rockin’ Relationships – At An Age!
• Lynne Twist – Soul of Money: Transforming Your Relationship with Your Money & Your Life
• Pamala Oslie – Be Part of the New Renaissance: Parallel Universes and Your Aura Colors
• Margaret Lynch Raniere – Chakra Secrets for More Passion, Energy, and Delicious Aliveness
• Niraj Naik – Discover Your Inner Pharmacy and Heal with SOMA Breathwork
• Arielle Ford- Finding Love in Your 40’s – And the Story of the 3 Weddings
• Rikka Zimmerman – Why Returning Home to Self-Love is Vital for Physical and Emotional Healing
• Robin Nielsen – The THREE Hormone Secrets to Eliminate Anxiety, Lose Weight, and Boost Energy
• Lisa Garr – Live Beyond Your Story and Be of Service with the Gifts You Are Given
• Dr. Margaret Paul – Inner Bonding and the Secrets to Divine Connection
• Tristan & Sabrina Truscott – Raise Your Energy, Rock Your Life with QiGong
• Derek Rydall – How to Thrive in the Midst of Pain, Loss, and Challenge
• Florencia Andres – How to CRUSH Self Doubt and Gain REAL Confidence At Any Age
• Dr. Keesha Ewers – It’s Possible to Heal from Childhood Trauma and Live Your Soul’s Potential
• Lisa Barnett – Opening Your Akashic Record – and Changing Your Life Forever!
• Christy Whitman – Why Age is Inconsequential (According to the Council of Light)
• John Newton – Feel Aligned and Supported by Nature – and Directly Experience Ancestral Forgiveness
• Dr. Brianne Grogan – The Pelvic Tension Pandemic! – and Why You Should Care
• Shelly Lefkoe – Eliminate The Beliefs That Are Keeping You Stuck
• Sister Jenna – Giving It All Up to Gain Everything
• Brittany Watkins – How to Stop Food Cravings and Emotional Eating
• Misa Hopkins – Three Secrets to Unshakable Self Love
• Dr. Anita Sanchez – Indigenous Wisdom and the 4 Sacred Gifts
• Anat Baniel – Activate Your Brain for Vitality with NeuroMovement
• Forbes Riley – Rock Your Body, Your Love Life, and Your Future with Self-Made Millionaire
• Abiola Abrams – Womanifesting with the Goddesses and Understanding Your Shadow
• Peggy O’Neill – Tapping Into Your True Joy
• Michelle Marchant Johnson – 3 Keys to Finding the Love of Your Life and Living the Life You Dream Of!
• Shashi Solluna – Understanding True Tantra: Reviving Your Life and Your Sex Life
• Robin & Michael Mastro – Secrets of Prosperity, Success, and Wellbeing through the Ancient Indian Art and Science of Vastu
• Dipika Delmenico – Ancient Healing Intelligence for Regeneration Now
• Cynthia James – Now Is The Time to Leap!
• Robyn Lynch – Understanding Ayurveda and Taking Your Health Into Your Own Hands
• Dr. Rev. Terrlyn Curry Avery – Healing Racial Separation From the Inside Out
• Rajshree Patel – Vital Force: Turn On Your Power
• Karen Putz – Unwrapping Your Passion In Midlife and Beyond
• Terri Britt – How Rocking the Boat Can Help You Become Miss USA!
• Karen Abrams – Rock Your life Even in Rocky Times and Transform Your Inner Bully Into Your Best Friend
• Shifra Hendrie – The Greatest Light is in the Darkness
• Ronnie Newman – Anti-Aging for Your Brain and Your Body
• Jose Hernandez – The Biggest Life Lesson I Learned When I Died
• Debra Poneman – The Secret of Inner Silence and Outer Success and the Effect on Your Longevity
• Sherry Gaba – Codependency and the Ramifications of Family Secrets
• Natalie Matushenko – Live with Passion & Purpose for Agelessness and Manifest Abundance with Your Unique Money Personality

Tom Chesser

Tom Chesser is the owner of Rise Up Media and Marketing. He has a featured show Rise Up Radio, an online broadcasting podcast.
He is a credited contributing writer for Small Business Trendsetters, Business Innovators Magazine, and host for Business Innovators Radio. He has his own Authority Agency in San Antonio Texas serving all of Texas & beyond. Tom is a Top-Performing Professional in the Media and Marketing industry with over 30 years of experience.