Dame Doria (DC) Cordova’s Interview On The Discover Your Potential Show With Dan Gilman & Anna Devere

Meet Dame Doria Cordovia: www.MeetDoria.com

CEO / Owner of Excellerated Business Schools® / Money & You®– the organization that brought to the world entrepreneurial, experiential, transformational training programs (now both off- and online) since 1979 with over 200,000 graduates from over 85 countries.  

The renowned Money & You® program has inspired some of today’s best-known business education and wealth experts; thus, it has touched the lives of tens of millions globally, including through the first Rich Dad Poor Dad book, which was co-authored by her business partner of 9 years (1985 – 1994), Robert Kiyosaki. Many of today’s wealth and business leaders have attended the Money & You program and have transformed the way they teach and run their organizations. The essence of her work is to not only focus on the bottom line and profits but also to offer products and services that add value to humanity.

Dame Doria is a Global Business Developer for organizations that are in alignment with her purpose: to uplift humanity’s consciousness through socially responsible business. One of her missions is to transform educational systems around the world and eradicate poverty and hunger. Another is the greening of the world. All the endeavors that she is involved in must be in alignment with those missions.


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