Darryl Waters Talks Contracting and Making Homes Beautiful in Alaska With Kohll’s Design and Remodeling

Darryl Walters:  It’s a fabulous idea the one warning that I have as far as the popcorn ceilings concern is that make absolutely sure that it does not contain asbestos. A lot of popcorn ceilings in the past contained asbestos as and is not material that you want to release into your homes atmosphere because it is potentially hazardous to use your health. 

Benjamin Briggs: Darryl, before we end this, I have of a pretty sizable audience.  How would anyone get in contact with you for services?

Darryl Walters:  our website is www.remodelalaska.net   phone number is (907) 561-5600 Kohll’s and the address is 4240 old Seward highway Anchorage, Alaska 99503

 To know more about this contracting professional contact:

Darryl Waters, Owner

Kohll’s Design Remodel

4240 Old Seward Highway unit 1A 

Anchorage, Alaska 99503

P: 907-561-5600





Benjamin Briggs

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