Mike Vigil Successful Business Leader Interview

Welcome to Business Innovators Magazine…Please introduce yourself and a brief thumbnail of your background.

MV: My name is Mike Vigil, originally from Nicaragua I arrived to the US to go to college at age 17 and stayed here thereafter.  Although my college degree was in Psychology, I took an interest in entrepreneurship early on.  Over the years I managed an optical, owned a mortgage company, evolving ultimately into many aspects of real estate investing.  Fort Lauderdale is home, where I enjoy living in an area where many people come to vacation for its beauty and beaches.

BI: What would you say is the area in business that you are most passionate about and why?

MV: All aspects of real estate draw my attention, from wholesaling to rehabbing to being a landlord.  Currently, I am exploring leveraging my knowledge by purchasing apartment buildings where I can add value to increase the property’s worth.  This can be accomplished in any part of the country so I’m not limited to my area of South Florida. 


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