In Indie: From Art Inspirations to Inspiring Others & A Copywriting Service, the Artists of Ashley and Justin Create

Taking the leap to become an Entrepreneur and begin a Startup Business is hard enough as is, but to do it while also being Independent Artists can be rough and sometimes detrimental to creativity. Ashley and Justin Create, an independent duo of Creative Copywriters and  Artists have chosen to take on the both of these worlds and “blessed” to experience a successful new beginning for this Startup.

Ashley Vannoy and Justin Baxter take a phone-seat with Quanta D. and Business Innovators Magazine to talk about their Ashley and Justin Create experiences, and to offer up some surprising tips to make others better Copywriters and what has worked for them to assists with a smoother Life and Career Transition. 

Quanta D: Alright. We’re at another Quanta D. for Business Innovators platform, speaking here with Ashley and Justin Create for another edition of In Indie. Ashley and Justin Create, they are fresh and new into the lifestyle and career-style change spectrum, and they’re here with us today to share the joys and some of the pains of the transitioning from the 9-5 job world into the ideal entrepreneurial dream of a life of financial freedom and living the best that they can. Hi Ashley and Justin.

Ashley and Justin Create: Hi. Hey, how’s it going?

Quanta D: It’s going, guys. You guys are doing some really cool stuff. It’s such a pleasure to meet, well, LinkedIn meet, e-Meet Mr. Justin, through a beautiful request to connect in LinkedIn for Quanta D. There’s just something about the really beautiful spark about your image there, and then looking into your profile and seeing everything going on, and then e-Meeting Ms. Ashley, and then also e-Meeting what you guys are working on with Ashley and Justin Create so, I’m really excited to have you guys here. You’re definitely the types of people and brand that Quanta D. enjoys to interview, and we hope to gain more of those similar to you, even though no one is the same. We appreciate your individuality and your originality that goes along with it, this is partly why you’re on this call right now. Thank you so much for coming.

Ashley and Justin Create: Oh, thank you for having us.

Ashley Vannoy: We’re really excited to be here.

Justin Baxter: Really excited.

Quanta D: That’s so sweet. Ok, let’s just start with this, you guys are fresh into this lifestyle and dream career transitioning. Alright, it looks like it’s already off to a great start,

Q: What’s your current mood about your brand’s new beginning?

Ashley Vannoy: You going to answer that, Justin?

A: Justin Baxter: Well, yeah. I think that we both feel optimistic about it. We’re excited to put ourselves out there. At the same time, it is a little overwhelming and a little scary because we have only been out in public with our business for about a month. We have been thinking about it for a lot longer than that, so we’re definitely ready to show who we are to the world. We are unedited and of course we’re making big moves so, we’re trying to be courageous but people like you have been helping us lately so that’s been making it a little easier on us. I’m very optimistic at this point.

Quanta D: And so, it looks like the Cosmic continues to open the pathways, letting you know that you’re on the right track. Right?

Ashley Vannoy: Yeah, exactly.

Quanta D: Don’t you guys love it? It’s epiphanies and synchronicity, and it’s just amazing how that happens, especially, I mean for everyone but independent in Art and moving on independently in the next chapter or book of your life and career, you know, it’s pretty scary for most people. This is exactly why we also had to get you guys on here. You guys seem so excited about all what’s been going on and you know, I’m sure you have much to bring to people that are going through much of fear, sadly, in making the transition to follow their hearts and follow their creativity so, thanks again. The next question for you guys is,

Q: What are the life skills and background that you each bring, individually, into Ashley and Justin Create?

A: Justin Baxter: You can go first if you want to, Ash.

A: Ashley Vannoy: Well, we are both, we’re just creative people. We love to be creative. We both have Creative Writing backgrounds, which definitely help out in our blog. I graduated with a Creative Writing degree and Justin went through similar classes in college, as well, so yeah. We love creating things, whether that’s with our blog or even just with our shop, our ‘When I Get Home’ boutique, so we’re just very creative people, we love being creative.

Quanta D: Yeah, Ashley, you just mentioned your shop and boutique that I got to see, the ‘When I Get Home’ boutique, over at Ashley and Justin Create so, on that note,

Q: What exactly is Ashley and Justin creating?

Ashley Vannoy: Do you want to answer that one, Justin?

Justin Baxter: Yeah. Yeah, I can answer that.

A: Justin Baxter: So basically, what we’re doing is creating content related to talking to people. This is our journey, like, what you are seeing on Ashley and Justin Create blog is what we are going through and what we are thinking. That includes talking to people, just experiencing life in general, finding our ways through this transition and yeah just following what’s in our dreams so, we’re creating ways for other people to think about their own lives. I know that before, in the year that we were thinking about doing this, we saw a lot of other people doing what we wanted to do, and it’s following in those footsteps that have led us here, and we’re kind of stepping-out and making our own footsteps in some aspects but I think we are very excited to inspire other people to just do what they wanted to do, in the first place. We’re creating inspiration and like you said before, we’re creating Art and in our own way, and writing to start, in general so, that’s what we’re all about. 

Ms. J Spearman, Quanta D.

Quanta D. is a Multi-Media Contributor, Writer @ Small Business Trendsetters, Host of Business Innovators Radio syndicating the Online Radio of In.Indie, Spotlight on Natural Health, In the Business of Community. Former Your-Take Contributor @ USA, Independent Journalism entailing 7 Digital News and Publishing Portals covering; the Inspirational, the Unusual and Unique in Originality and Practice in Small Business, Community, Arts, Health, Real Estate, Personal Development, International and Non-Profit events.