Spolight on Natural Health: Author & Master Researcher, William Jiang, Natural Mental Health

William Jiang - Natural Health Focus With Quanta D..jpg 270pxHave you noticed any changes in general Health? A historically defining upswing in the trending of sales, practice, awareness and even education in the industry of Natural Health shows exponential growth – the kind of growth that becomes a living staple, a “natural” way and approach to life and living.

From the big brand giants buying out established small businesses of Natural Health food and Natural Health products, to the Consumer demand of removal of genetically modified organisms (GMO) or additives (GM) and then through Schools, Healthcare with ‘Health & Wellness’ and the push to get the best of food and nutrition into the lives of patients –

Natural Health induces a new-born era of consistent inquiring awareness of the Natural condition that majority of the world is actively living and involved with somehow, some way; in some fashion or another, the global state of Natural Health is evident.

Spotlight on Natural Health is a series to highlight aspects, projects and Small Businesses and Professionals of the Natural Health industry and wide variety of fields. Kicking off the start of the Spotlight on Natural Health is the topic of Natural Mental Health, a Quanta D. for Business Innovators interview with multi-Author and Master of Medical Research & Library Science, William Jiang.

Quanta D: Alright, welcome to another Quanta D. interview with Ms. J, here. Today we have the privilege of covering a very important topic, with a pretty impressive individual here to speak with us about it – the topic is in regards to Natural Mental Health, something that is, seems to be, incredibly overlooked. So, we have the pleasure of having on the call today, former Chief Librarian, Medical Librarian actually and Author, multi-author, William Jiang. Hello Will.

William Jiang: Hi. Good Afternoon there, Ms. J.

Quanta D: Good Afternoon to you. As you were already made aware of, I didn’t do much research on you, except for getting word from my company, having to do with your newly published book, I believe you published last year, later in the year?

William Jiang: That is right.

Quanta D: The Guide To Natural Mental Health and so far, I mean, yeah, even though we haven’t really, you know, Googled you or anything, we try to leave that open so this way you can teach us more about you and let us know what you’d like to share with us in regards to Natural Mental Health. It’s very important so, please by all means, multi-author as well on the topic in a variety of ways, we see you on Amazon here, it’s pretty amazing so please let us know, for 1, how this all came about for you – we’d love to hear a bit of your story and please let us know, as well, what your MLS stands for and your past experience certified for MLS?

William Jiang: Sure, sure. So, again my name is Will Jiang. MLS, MLS stands for Master of Library Science, so I’m one of the old-school Librarians, still. You know we, we look at books, journals, all that, electronic resources and Med-Line especially for quality information about Mental Health and papers of that nature. How did my Guide to Natural Mental Health come about? So basically, my story with Mental Health began in my family. We have issues in the family that go back generations, it turns out. And so when Mental Health issues popped up in my life, I was kind of caught unprepared because it was kind of taboo to talk about – we’re opening up more and more as a society about Mental Health issues and it’s probably a very good thing that we’re doing that because especially now, it turns out as of April 2016, suicide is at a 30 year high across the United States.

Quanta D: Wow.

William Jiang: And there’s so much pain out there that if I can do a little bit to educate and make it a little bit easier on somebody else, I would love to do that, you know?

Quanta D: Yeah, yeah I’m sure many appreciate it whether they know it or understand it yet, or not. Yeah, that’s a pretty big deal.

William Jiang: Should I go into my little career a little bit? Possibly or?

Quanta D: Yes please. We need a little bit of your background.

William Jiang: Ok.

Quanta D: We got to take just a small and tiny look and yeah, it is pretty impressive so please let us know what all of your great background entails.

William Jiang: Ok cool. So I went to arguably New York City’s most selective high school, Stuyvesant, back in the day, then a very, you know, competitive college and a school of Medical Reference and that brought me to a whole new realm of quality information that I was able to share. As a Medical Librarian at Columbia Psychiatry, New York State Psychiatric Institution, I had the honor of working with former APA President, Jeffrey Lieberman, he’s quite a stellar, an amazing, he humbles me, this man. He’s quite an amazing Researcher and all-around decent human being. I also worked with the current Head of the Brain & Behavior Research Foundation, Dr. Jeffrey Borenstein and quite a few other big people in the field of Mental Health. So yeah, that’s kind of where I am.

Ms. J Spearman, Quanta D.

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