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And I’ve got to tell you that the one I’m in right now is a keeper. I have been more involved in it, and more—I’m so much more excited about it than the others. And the other companies, they weren’t small little fly-by-night companies. I mean there are some—I don’t want to throw names out, but there are longstanding companies there.

And yeah, I made a little bit of money, but with Nerium right now, I’m very happy the way that things are going. And I think it’s because—I’m pretty sure it’s because I have been able to use the coaching education I’ve had, and experience, and bring it into this direct sales company as well. So direct sales isn’t as scary as everybody thinks it is.

And it should not be a cutthroat kind of atmosphere, and it’s definitely, at least my team knows that we don’t need to crack open the door and stick our foot in to keep the door open when you go talk to somebody. It’s not like that at all. So that’s part of the team-building spirit that I try to invoke and share with my team, is that we don’t need to do that.

And so anyways, bringing the coaching into the direct sales Nerium, it’s just fulfilling. It’s very fulfilling. And I think that when somebody is excited and fulfilled, and they bring it to somebody else and they share—we were talking a little bit earlier about how when you share your product and you want to do for the other person, right? Remember that just a few minutes ago?

Jeannine: Yes.

Debe: The other person reads it the correct way, and I subscribe to that 100 percent. It’s not about me. It’s not about me. It’s about the person I’m talking to. So I want to make sure that my message to whoever’s on the other side of the table, whether we’re coaching for confidence or we’re building a financial nest egg for them, whichever way they decide to talk to me about, it’s about them. And that’s how I try to come across.

Jeannine: That’s awesome. And I think that our listeners could probably gather that from you that you are more about them than about you, and that’s—I think that’s always a great position to be in. And our time is coming to a close, so I just wanted to thank you, Debbie, for all this great information that you’ve shared with myself and all of our listeners today. I think it was very awesome of you to take your time to come and talk with us.

Debe: Thank you.

Jeannine: And I wanted to say—you’re very welcome. I wanted to say if someone wants to connect with you or reach out to you, how would they go about doing that?

Debe: Well, let’s see. They can email me, and my email address is, but I spell my name kind of weird. So Debe is D-E-B, as in boy, E, and Bloom like the flower. So it’s My phone number is area code (415) 713-9030. I’m on Facebook under Debe Bloom. Let’s go to my website, which is guess what? And I’ll tell you what, anybody that goes to my website, I will be more than happy to offer them up a 20-minute strategy session. So that’s on there if they’d like to go to my website. And yeah, that’s it.

Jeannine: Wonderful. Just to reiterate—

Debe: Great.

Jeannine: What? Okay.

Debe: I was going to say, if you also go to the Google store or the iPhone store, you can just download my free app, and it is Debe Bloom, and it is D-E-B-E Bloom.

Jeannine: Awesome. So I just want to reiterate for our listeners that if they want to go ahead and reach out to you, that first, whenever they’re searching for you they’re searching for Debe, which is spelled D as in David, E, B as in boy, E. So it’s Debe Bloom, as in the flower, B-L-O-O-M. So if they want to connect with you, they can give you a call at (415) 713-9030.

If they want to email you. It’s If they want to check you out at your website, it’s, and you so graciously offered them that they can sign up for a 20-minute strategy session right there on your website. If they want to be closer to you, they can go to the Google Play store or the iPhone app store and search Debe Bloom’s app and go ahead and download it, or they can check you out on Facebook.

So thank you again so much. I really, really appreciate you for taking us on this journey today, Debe. And I’m really grateful that I believe we were able to supply a lot of useful information to our listeners today.

Debe: Thank you so much. It’s been so much fun.

Jeannine: I’m glad you enjoyed it.

Debe: Yeah.

Jeannine: I also want to go ahead and thank all of our listeners that tuned in today. I hope that you did find some useful information that you can go ahead and take away and put into practice. If you want to, again, go ahead and reach out to Debe. I want to say have a wonderful day, and to leave you with a little thought as you go out from that. Take some focused action for your business or for yourself today. Thank you again, and have a wonderful rest of your day.

Jeannine Barcarse

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