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DebeBloomIn the pursuit of happiness and success in life and in business, people sometimes find themselves lost on how to achieve this. Debe Bloom, entrepreneur and certified confidence coach, works with individuals to help them find focus to accomplish their goals. At the heart of people’s accomplishments is their confidence. In the following interview, Debe discusses how she helps individuals build and cultivate their confidence.

Jeannine: Hello, and welcome to today’s broadcast. Our guest is Debe Bloom. She is an entrepreneur and certified confidence coach. She’s been supporting others through confidence coaching since 2001. She’s helped hundreds through her compassionate and insightful coaching to guide people through the ups and downs in their personal and business lives. Welcome to the show, Debe.

Debe: Well thanks, Jeannine. I’m very happy to be here. Thanks for having me.

Jeannine: You are most welcome. So before we begin, why don’t you try to explain to all of our listeners exactly what is a confidence coach?

Debe: Well, coaching really does encompass all kinds of areas. It goes with business. It goes with the personal life and goes with relationships and all sorts of things. A confidence coach really works on building peoples’ confidence so they have—they could cultivate the power within with that which already resides inside of them. We can work together as the coach/client relationship and help bring out their confidence.

So any of the hurdles that whatever their subject matter is presenting, whether it is in the relationship, or they have issues with their business life, whether they are working for themselves as an entrepreneur and they’re afraid to take that next step to build their business higher, or they work for somebody, they have that job and they’re afraid to go and maybe ask for a raise, or go and talk to their superiors about a coworker that’s causing problems.

That all takes confidence from within to step up and voice. So confidence coaching is helping that inner voice get cultivated and bring it out to wherever the issue needs to be brought out to.

Jeannine: Wonderful. So hopefully that will clear it up for everybody in regards to what a confidence coach is. So when you’re working with clients, what do you find to be a common problem that they encounter?

Debe: Actually, drilling down to—so they come to me, and they have a problem. And sometimes the problem is wrapped in fear. It’s drilling down, and for me to ask the right questions to get to the bottom of what they really mean, why they have contacted me to begin with. And sometimes it’s not so easy to see at surface level.

We really have to have conversations and drill down to find out what is holding them back. What is the fear basis? The difference between coaching and going to a psychiatrist or psychologist is vast. The doctors tend to work in what caused the problem, going back into the childhood, or maybe a recent relationship has stymied somebody from moving forward.

Coaching works on moving forward. Take the issue today, and they want to help their client reach forward so the issue becomes something in the past and they could go ahead with their life and their problem, or their business, whatever it is. So your question was how do you—how do I recognize how to help a particular person, and it’s all about asking those right questions and trying to figure out, in conversation, exactly why that person came to me to begin with.

Jeannine: Okay. So then to elaborate a little bit more, so if we’re going to narrow it down to a particular type of client, so let’s say we’re looking at the entrepreneur or someone who is going to establish a business more on their own, how would you work with them to drill it down? I mean are there certain tasks or projects, or assignments that you would give to them to help them drill down?

Debe: Oh, absolutely. First off, it depends on which kind of business they’re going into, because that will always lead me to a different tool that I would use. So if they came to me and they wanted to get into a business, and they have a product but they don’t know how to actually get it out to the public, we would start talking about where their comfort level is right now.

Do they go out and meet the public? Do they go out—are they associated with other entrepreneurs that can help them grow their business? And then direct them and encourage them, and figure out a real schedule of how they can actually promote what they are doing.

A lot of people, the one that gives them the most fear is that reflection in the mirror. And so we have to work on making sure that they feel that they themselves have the power, have what it takes, to get out there and create and do and satisfy their desires. Does that make sense?

Jeannine: Yes, it does. So let’s give an example then. So if I am a client of yours and I come to you and I am an entrepreneur. I’ve started my business. And my issue seems to be in sales. So what type of an assignment or a project would you give to me to help me get down to the bottom of why sales—what my issue is with going out and getting the sales?

Jeannine Barcarse

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