Luann Savage | Understanding The Basics Of The Multi-Level Marketing Business Model

Luann Savage Send Out CardsAs a Sr. Manager with Send Out Cards, Luann Savage shares her insights regarding the multi-level marketing (MLM) business model. In this interview, she discusses some of the basic information you should know and consider when joining an MLM.

Jeannine:  Hello, and welcome to today’s broadcast. Our guest is Luann Savage, a senior manager with SendOutCards, a network marketing online greeting card company. Welcome to the show, Luann.

Luann:  Thank you, Jeannine. It’s great to be with you. I appreciate this.

Jeannine:  Oh, of course. So today we’re going to explore the business world of multi-level marketing. Over the years, Luann’s involvement within this business structure has provided her with some great insights. So Luann, let’s start off with what all entrepreneurs want to know when going into business? How do you make money in the multi-level marketing business?

Luann:  Oh, well if they’re determined to create something big, and they take it seriously, and do it correctly and continue to do it correctly over and over again, there’s no ceiling to what is possible. You need a business with a system in place to follow, and be willing to put in the time. You need to find a MLM that feels like the right match for you.

Jeannine Barcarse

Jeannine Barcarse is an entrepreneur, business owner, and author. She is an independent contributing reporter to Business Innovators Magazine & Show Host on Business Innovators Radio showcasing trusted leaders in business and entrepreneurship.