Luann Savage | Understanding The Basics Of The Multi-Level Marketing Business Model

Or a realtor could take a picture of a serious buyer in front of a house they love, and send them a card saying “Welcome home” maybe with a “(?).” Or take a photo of a house that’s for sale by owner and send the card to the seller informing them of the realtor’s service.

Jeannine:  That’s cool.

Luann:  I just love SendOutCards. I believe every business and every family has a need for it. It’s relationship marketing, and that means every kind of relationship building, business and personal. Businesses have a need to touch their customers and clients, and we all have a need to hear from people who are important to our lives. And we need those words of appreciation. With SendOutCards, we can hold those words in our hands and read them again and again.

Jeannine:  Well, that’s really cool. I’m glad that there is something out there for people who like the personableness of a business, and I’m glad that you were able to share that with us today.

Luann:  Thank you.

Jeannine:  So I want to say on behalf of myself and our audience, Luann, I want to really thank you for taking the time to be with us today.

Luann:  Oh, Jeannine, it was such my pleasure.

Jeannine:  Well, wonderful. So now if someone wanted to reach out to you, what is the best way that they could contact you?

Luann:  Well, they could go to my SendOutCards site, which is And up there in the top left you can click on that little “Contact Me” area, and write something. My SendOutCards distributor ID is 16448. My email is My cellphone, where it would be good to text me, is (949) 525-1052. And I do have a Facebook, SendOutCards business site, which is Luann’s Cards 24/7.

Jeannine:  Well, great. Again, Luann, I really appreciate you taking the time to come on with us today. And I also want to send a thank you to all those that have tuned in to listen to us. I want you to have a wonderful day, and I want you to go out there and take some focused action for moving forward in your business.

Jeannine Barcarse

Jeannine Barcarse is an entrepreneur, business owner, and author. She is an independent contributing reporter to Business Innovators Magazine & Show Host on Business Innovators Radio showcasing trusted leaders in business and entrepreneurship.