Debra L. Morrison, CFP®, MS, AEP– Celebrate You 2021 October Woman of the Month Nominated for Celebrate You Woman of the Year 2021

 Debra L. Morrison is a retired Certified Financial Planner whose years of experience have led her to her current passion for helping women to navigate their finances. She serves her clients as a Financial Coach in her company, Women Navigating Finances, LLC. Her unique combination of skills, knowledge, and wisdom has helped thousands of clients and audience members face and conquer their fears and learn how to attain financial security.

She is an international transformational speaker and best-selling author who often shares her pearls of financial wisdom within our community. She is touching lives and making a difference by shifting the narrative around finances and providing women with the foundation and tools needed to captain their own financial futures.

Debra’s platform continues to resonate with the central message that, “Women navigating finances can become intentionally wealth women!” She also reminds women that, “Money is energy. Until you open the doors to money coming in, you will repel it.”


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