Dr. Jo Dee Baer, Highly Recognized As America’s Top Foundational Health Coach & Holistic Nutritionist, Launches Her New Book “21 Days To Your Best You”

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Welcome to a book that is destined to change people’s lives. Dr. Jo Dee Baer is a Certified Health Coach, Holistic Nutritionist, Consultant, Philanthropist, TV Host, Author, Motivational Speaker, and for the last four decades, an ‘all round’ Athlete, Yogi, Marathon Runner, and Health Advocate. Many people know her as America’s Top Foundational Health Coach and Holistic Nutritionist in the Personal and Corporate space. She has dedicated her life to assisting and empowering individuals and those in the corporate sector to experience and integrate.

To order a coy of the book go to https://www.drjodee.com

“What you do in daily life maintains you. What you create in your life sustains you.”
~~ Dr. Jo Dee Baer

As America’s top Foundational Health Coach and Holistic Nutritionist with the distinction of being an alternative health pioneer for 42 Years, her Foundational Health Approach have allowed her 30,000 clients to lose over 1,000,000 lbs. of toxic fat and KEEP IT OFF! In the COVID ERA, she was honored to assist over 2000 clients in reversing health ailments and regaining their health.

“I’m honored to collaborate in sharing my expertise and experience and truly empowering others from a ‘setback is only a setup for a comeback mindset.’ With a unique collaborative book and a four-month mastermind with branding, marketing, and monetizing, I am excited to assist others on this journey to elevating their health for lifelong benefits with some of the most outstanding and renowned health professionals in the industry.” — Dr. Jo Dee Baer

As a Board Member of the Advocacy Council for Alternative Medicine Practitioners (ACAMP) — Dr. Jo Dee Baer remains in the inner circle of the latest foundational health protocols and practices to train and empower the NEXT Generation of Healers.

She dedicates this book to all the Lifelong Learners, One-Percenters, Motivators, and Aspiring to be “Motivatibles” who are all eternal personal development seekers. She also dedicates it to those who believe that their health is their wealth and that the school to optimize both is never out for the “PRO.” She is humbled and honored to share her four-decade journey of Foundational Health, Living, and Hope.

This book is like an extravaganza; it is the embodiment of the last four decades of her experience and training in health, wellness, business, professional achievement, and personal growth. As a facilitator and course creator, she has delivered these concepts of impact and innovation to over 1200 Corporations and Organizations about living your BEST YOU. She even wrote her Doctoral Dissertation entitled: The Historical Underpinnings of the Cabbala to Present Day Six Pillars of Human Existence: Correlations into Preventative Wellness.

21 DAYS To Your BEST YOU: Keys For A Life Of Excellence is a true toolbox of ideas, suggestions, and strategies to reach a person’s goals. She has collected and consolidated the best-of-the-best into 21 Days of systems and instructions that people can use to achieve their own personal height of success: in all areas of life. Since the body is a miracle-making machine, it can and will heal itself and excel in all six pillars of human existence: Spiritual, Physical, Mental, Emotional, Social, and Financial Health. This book highlights each of these pillars and principles multiple times, from multiple angles, and addresses how to improve them like no other book has seen or experienced. This is the motivation that compelled her to write it and share her life’s work to serve a broader audience.

DAY 1 – Believe it’s for REAL
DAY 2 – Foundations of Record Fever
DAY 3 – Be the Best
DAY 4 – Foundations Of Self Esteem
DAY 5 – Be In Tune With You:
DAY 6 – Your Spark Your Imagination
DAY 7 – Foundations of Emotional Sunburn
DAY 8 – Creating A Burning Desire
DAY 9 – Foundations Of Mutual Respect (real respect for others in your daily life and relationships)
DAY 10 – Foundational Steps to Greatness (Excellence is not an act but a habit)
DAY 11 – Keys To Goal Setting
DAY 12 – Keys To Luck And Opportunity
DAY 13 – Foundations Of Self-Discipline
DAY 14 – Keys To Mentorship And Mastermind
DAY 15 – Be Tension Free
DAY 16 – Keys To Relationships
DAY 17 – Simply “Don’t Quit”! (Winners never quit, and quitters never win)
DAY 18 – Being Your Own Natural Computer
DAY 19 – Keys To Charisma And Leadership
DAY 20 – Foundations Of Human Relationships (The single most important thing in this world)
DAY 21 – Being a HUMAN BECOMING (The Most important thing in this world is to get people to like and trust you)

In addition, to “21 Days to Your Best You: Keys to a Life of Excellence”, Dr. Jo Dee is already a multiple International Best-Selling Author in two other books, “Ignite the Hunger in You” and “Ignite Your Wisdom.”

Dr. Baer has had numerous appearances on other platforms, including Les Brown’s “Drop the Mic” live event in Orlando, FL, NY Live “You Got to be Hungry” Event with Les Brown, quarterly speaker on Manny Lopez’s “Network of Influence,” Ignite Wisdom Virtual Summit; Money and You virtual guest speaker with Dame Doria Cordova, Keynote Speaker for I-HOPEE International and a weekly guest on the award-winning “Kim Jacobs Show”: FreeStyle Fridays.

Join some of the Greatest and Most Renowned HEALTH & HEALING Professionals in this Foundational “HEALTH-A-PEDIA” Anthology! All things HEALTH, NUTRITION, and LIFESTYLE from years of Dr Jo Dee’s experience! https://www.drjodee.com/healthapedia

Radio & TV Personality:

Jo Dee Baer Health and Wellness Coach Radio Show is a syndicated weekly live radio talk show on BLOG TALK Radio, as host she has been on Building Fortunes Radio for 9 years, where she covers one pertinent health-related article each Sunday Night at 8:30 pm with her producer Peter Mingils.

Every Monday at noon EST is her live 30-minute show: “Mindset Mondays,” where she focuses on the Mental Pillar of human existence. Mindset is Skill set mastery. She strongly believes that “When you take care of yourself and your world first, the world around you is empowered forever.”

On Thursdays at 6 pm EST, she has a live one-hour show: “Life’s Milkshake Moments,” where her weekly guests delve into One Key element of the Six Pillars of Human existence– Spiritual Physical, Mental, Emotional, Social, or Financial– Who they are in this arena and how their life was impacted for the better because of it. “Life is Like a Milkshake. Choose your ingredients wisely. And when you do, Your life will be oh so sweet!”

“Dr. Talk: Come Play in our Health Sandbox” is on the fourth Thursday of every month, noon EST—our one-hour symposium with Four other World Class Health Practitioners in acupuncture, holistic nutrition, genetic biohacking, functional medicine, neurology, chiropractic NLP, and mental health— Where we discuss one health-related topic per month from all health modalities. “Health is not something you do, but who and what you become along life’s journey.”

To learn more about Dr. Jo Dee Baer Ph.D., “America’s Top Foundational Health Coach,” visit www.DrJoDee.com. To reach her, call 1-800-852-0584 or Cell: 678-522-3757. To set up an appointment, go to www.calendly.com/jodee-7 and to order any of Dr. Jo Dee’s books, go to https://www.drjodee.com

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