Dr. Ray Drury, Charlotte Upper Cervical Chiropractor, Explains Health Care Secret

Dr. Drury:  I have classes at my office every other week to help people understand how the body works and why it’s so important.  Most people, I’d say 99% of my patients, come to me because they have a complaint, some sort of ache or pain symptom, so they want some relief.  I teach them that the hard point is getting you well.  The easy part is staying well.

It’s just a matter of checking the patient every now and then to see if the body’s working at 100% or not.  I don’t try to scare people when I say this, but you’re always either healing or you’re dying.  I know that sounds pretty harsh, but really you can only go one way or the other way.  If there’s no interference to the nerve system, then your body is healing constantly.  It’s getting better, healthier, and healthier.  It’s repairing any damage from the outside world.  It’s adapting to the environment.  If the top bones are out of alignment, then there is a lack of nerve flow, a lack of energy, a lack of life traveling through your body, so all you can be doing at that point is going backwards.  What we want to do is make sure you’re always healing; you’re always expressing 100% of the power that made you to every cell in your body.  I have patients that can hold an adjustment for a year at a time, and those people, they don’t get colds, they don’t get flus, they don’t get allergies.  They don’t get sick.

Bill:  To wrap this up, why would treatment by an Upper Cervical doctor like you greatly enhance a patient’s ability to be successful in healing their condition and are there any downsides to this type of care?

Dr. Drury:  We have patients come to me usually for one or two conditions, neck pain, back pain, headaches, sleeping disorders, digestive disorders.  The good thing is, we don’t give you a medication to treat this condition, another one for that condition, another one for this condition.  They may come with 20 different things wrong with them, and all we want to do is just normalize the body, help the body to get into a proper state, which allows it to function normally.

If the body functions normally, then the symptoms themselves start to clear.  You start to sleep better.  Your mental clarity is better.  Your energy levels are better.  Your digestion starts to work more normal as to where the typical medical approach, they break you down symptomatically and they give you a chemical for each symptom, which in turn often produces other symptoms.

The absolute worst outcome for a patient under Upper Cervical care is to have no change.  That’s the worst outcome, but that’s very, very, very rare.  Most of the time, people notice huge changes, and sometimes it’s even immediate.  There are no negative side effects.  We have people literally come here, like I said, from all over the world, every condition you can possibly think of.  Most of the time, people get well pretty quick.  It’s just as simple as taking your foot off the garden hose to let the water flow.  It’s the same concept with the flow of messages from the brain through the nervous system to the rest of the body.

Bill:  Dr. Drury, you have provided a lot of useful information today.  Thanks for this great overview of Upper Cervical care for our readers.

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Bill Kopatich

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