Buzz Raley – T3 Office Recycling Solutions Provides Businesses and Government Agencies A New Revenue Stream

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Buzz Raley is the President and CEO of T3 Office Recycling Solutions, based in Rancho Cordova, California. T3 has a focus on collecting and then putting into reuse surplus new and used printer supplies, data storage media and consumable printer parts and other materials. The company provides a new revenue stream for businesses, educational institutions, government agencies and non-profits, helping them liquidate surplus supplies, keeping them out of landfills. T3 has achieved critical certifications under international standards assuring organizations working with the company that their supplies and materials will be handed in an environmentally responsible manner. It is the only certified recycling company on the West coast whose focus is on these supplies and materials.

In this interview with Bill Kopatich, Buzz Raley describes how T3 is not only providing a financial benefit for organizations, but also is keeping unused material out of landfills by redistributing the materials to others that can put the surplus and used supplies and materials to good use.

Bill Kopatich

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