Buzz Raley – T3 Office Recycling Solutions Provides Businesses and Government Agencies A New Revenue Stream

In the case of data storage media, if the tapes have been previously used, we wipe all of the data from the tapes and the tapes are recertified to ensure proper performance. After data wiping and recertification, we distribute the media to dealers, distributors and to businesses and organizations in need of the data storage products.

Bill: You’re located in California. Where are the businesses and organizations located that you work with to collect the surplus and used materials?

Buzz: A lot of our customer base is in the Western United States, but we are collecting the supplies and used material from customers all over the country.

Bill: Are there any indicators that a recycling company is responsibly processing the types of materials your company handles from an environmental standpoint?

Buzz: Yes, the most important indicator is that the recycling company has the applicable internationally recognized certifications. The most important of these certifications are related to the Responsible Recycling (R2:2013) International Standard and the ISO 14001:2004 Environmental Management Systems Standard.

The R2 Responsible Recycling Standard establishes a uniform set of processes, safety protocols and documentation requirements for organizations that repair and recycle electronic materials. The ISO 14001 Environmental Management System Standard provides an outline of best practices for environmental management to help ensure organizations minimize their environmental footprint. Organizations that are certified under these standards undergo rigorous independent audits to ensure quality, safety and transparency of their recycling processes.

At T3, we are certified under both of these standards. Certifications under these standards need to be updated on a periodic basis and we just received our certification renewals in May of this year. Additionally, we are the only R2:2013 certified recycling company on the West coast whose focus materials are new unused/surplus printer supplies and data storage media products as well as used supplies.

We take our commitment to responsibly process the material and supplies we handle very seriously and, with our certifications, our clients can be assured that their materials are being processed by an accountable company with a clean downstream.

Bill: Buzz, thanks for providing information on a potential hidden income source for businesses and other organizations. It’s interesting that your customers can not only generate some income by carefully managing their surplus supplies, but they are also keeping usable materials out of landfills by working with you.

How can our readers find out more about T3 Office Recycling Solutions and your programs?

Buzz: Thanks you as well, Bill. The best way to learn more about how to generate income from surplus and used supplies is to visit our website, where there is additional information on our programs. The website is

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