Dr. Ray Drury, Charlotte Upper Cervical Chiropractor, Explains Health Care Secret

raydrury photoBill Kopatich talks with Dr. Ray Drury, a Charlotte, NC Upper Cervical Chiropractor, about a little known secret in Health Care.  Dr. Drury has been practicing and teaching Upper Cervical Chiropractic Care, a specific form of chiropractic care, for over twenty years and has helped patients from all over the world suffering from a variety of conditions.  Dr. Drury has recently written a book, The Best Kept Secret in Health Care, No Drugs or Surgery Required, which was published by Two Harbors Press.

Bill:  Dr. Drury, thanks so much for taking your time today to talk about your approach to health care that is not widely known.  I found your book very compelling and informative on Upper Cervical care, which you practice.  Can you summarize how Upper Cervical chiropractic care differs from general chiropractic care?

Dr. Drury:  Upper Cervical and general chiropractic care share a mutual history and they are both based on whether or not the bones in the spine are properly aligned to allow the messages from the brain to reach the body efficiently to maintain health.  General chiropractic corrects misalignment in the full spine while Upper Cervical focuses only on the upper two cervical vertebrae in the neck, the atlas and the axis.  

Bill Kopatich

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