Entrepreneur Jay Noland Creates XP Mentor, An All-In-One Virtual Mentorship Membership Library For Less Than A Dollar Per Day!

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The XP Mentor monthly subscription includes an ever-growing video library of educational content from some of the world’s top expert mentors and instructors that are highly qualified professionals and widely acknowledged in their field of expertise.

Jay Noland is an International Motivational Speaker, Author, Former Professional Athlete, Business Owner, Entrepreneur, Life Confidence Coach, and NLP practitioner. Jay was born and raised in Winchester, Kentucky, where he attended school and continued his education in Florida. He is a spiritual man who has over 30 years of scholarly research.

Jay Noland started his entrepreneurial career in November 1995. He has since built multiple multi-million-dollar companies. His primary focus is on helping people master their “subconscious mind” through different methods of “confidence training.” He believes “a strong person can do anything.” He believes in experiencing life all-out, all the time, and he believes in anyone willing to take steps to believe in themselves.

Jay says true success is mastering the 6 pillars of life. “The 6 pillars are emotional, mental, physical, social, financial, and spiritual.”

Jay Noland is the author of the bestselling book, The Power of a Woman: From the Perspective of Real Men. Jay has been an international sales trainer and keynotes motivational speaker for over 25 years, helping people maximize their potential by harnessing the power of their subconscious minds. As an entrepreneur with his businesses, he has always focused on giving back to those in need and helping different causes around the world. In his spare time, he studies ancient spiritual writings but always makes time for some bass fishing, watching a good ball game, and especially spending time with his wife and son at their home in Boca Raton, FL. And now, his company, MYB Publishing, has introduced a New Special Universal Edition of the book “The Science of Getting Rich.”

Noland often talks about his early life while training. He had a tumultuous childhood but learned to overcome it. He spent most of his childhood working with his grandfather in Kentucky on a hog farm. He says his grandmother, Ida Mae Noland, and Grandfather, Jim Willie Noland, are who inspired him to make the most out of his life even though they were poor growing up. In one of his training pieces, he recollects how they always told him, “You can do anything.”

The San Diego Padres drafted Noland in 1988. He also played with the Colorado Rockies and Seattle Mariners during his career. He won 2 Minor League Championships in 1991 and 1992 with San Diego Padres. He was also the back-to-back Stolen Base League Champion in 1991 and 1992. He signed his Major League Contract (MLB Invite) with Seattle Mariners in 1995. He retired from baseball due to a severe elbow injury in 1995.

Jay Noland believes strongly in philanthropy and has supported thousands of orphans in Kenya, Africa, for over a decade, impoverished children and elderly in Colombia, supported battered women and children shelters in the USA, and also supported an indigenous women’s refuge in the USA. He believes in utilizing strong business principles to ultimately make an impact for good with humanity and the earth.

XP Mentorship

Jay Noland has recently created XP Mentor, An All-In-One Virtual Mentorship Where People Can Get Tomorrow’s Skills Today, and access its entire membership library for less than $1 per day!

Here is what people get when signing up for The XP Mentor Pro Membership

The XP Mentor monthly subscription includes an ever-growing video library of educational content from some of the world’s top expert mentors and instructors that are highly qualified professionals and widely acknowledged in their field of expertise. Including names like Jay Noland, Forbes Riley, Dan Pilla, Tenisha Graham, Jacquelyn Weis, Lilly Wang, Ricky Chang, Jarrett Albritton, and Shane Burks.

This membership is explicitly tailored for entrepreneurs and personal growth seekers that want to Increase exposure by developing their brand, maximize the lifespan of their business by setting up the appropriate corporate structures, minimizing tax liabilities, and legally maintaining compliance, improve their skillset for developing and nurturing business, client, and personal relationships, develop and maintain the appropriate conscious and subconscious mindset necessary to grow a profitable business while maintaining health in all areas of life, and much more!

The XP Mentor adds new content every week! Enjoy weekly mentorship videos plus BONUS materials from each of their core team members at no extra charge as part of an XP Mentor Monthly Membership.

Jay says, “On top of the weekly sessions, this membership includes Select Sessions from the “Skill Shop.” The Skill Shop is your premium course catalog, and the bonus Skill Shop Select Courses included with your membership add a value of $597 in content (already loaded in the library!).”

Included with their membership, individuals will get full access to the weekly mentorship video content, plus any bonus material. Membership also includes a select session(s) from the library of:

Weekly mentorship video library

  • Skill Shop Select Session from Jay Noland
  • Skill Shop Select Session from Forbes Riley (Coming Soon!)
  • Skill Shop Select Session from Tenisha Graham (Coming Soon!)
  • Skill Shop Select Session from Jacquelyn Weis (Coming Soon!)
  • Skill Shop Select Session from Lilly Wang (Coming Soon!)
  • Skill Shop Select Session from Dan Pilla
  • Skill Shop Select Session from Ricky Chang (Coming Soon!)
  • Skill Shop Select Session from Jarrett Albritton (Coming Soon!)

Noland is committed to creating and continuously improving effective learning methods to educate entrepreneurs, hobbyists, and professionals worldwide.

To get a FREE Copy of the EXACT framework they use to help Entrepreneurs, Small Business Owners, and Sales Professionals maximize their profit without spending thousands of dollars on books and courses, following confusing plans, or relying on inconsistent advice, so people can spend less time working and more time with family and friends go to https://www.xpmentor.com/report.

To learn more about Jay Noland, visit https://go.jaynolandmastery.com, or to sign up for The XP Mentor monthly subscription; go to https://www.xpmentor.com.

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