Fearon May, Fearon May Events, Talks About Weddings In a Interview with Business Innovators / California Business Mavericks Magazines

FM: Well I love the weddings, that just give me free range and let me do what I like and I take their vision and really make it happen for them. I work with a lot of high end clients that just don’t have the time to plan anything,  so like here is my credit card and let’s get the planning started and just kind of give me the free range to do that is always fun.

I also do a lot of high end themed events, I have a couple of clients that like to throw big elaborate themed party’s so, themed is always fun to come up with different ideas, I like that too.

BB: How do you staff your projects?

FM: Well, I am kind of a one woman show here I do have some staff that comes on for events. I also have interns that help me; it just kind of depends on the project and how many people are needed.  Usually, with my events it just myself and one assistant.  With the larger events like the film festival, I have a staff of almost 80 people. Also, most of the larger Christmas parties that I do, I typically bring in a staff of 6 it all depends on the project.

BB: I have been asked several times, do you carry liability insurance?

FM: Of course, and every business should and if you are working with a wedding planner or any type of event planner or any type of event industry, you always want to make sure they have liability insurance, if they don’t then they are not doing their job correctly.

BB: When things do not go as planned how do you fix them quickly?

FM: It’s all about the experience and making sure that you remain calm. I am a really calm person in terms of things happening and I have had everything from down pours of rain to dropped cake to all different types of things that have happened.  But, as long as you stay calm your clients are going to stay calm too.

I have had an outdoor wedding where it was suddenly pouring rain. I orchestrated a plan for and moved the entire wedding inside. Then, it stopped raining right before the wedding started, so I moved at the last minute and set-up all of the table arrangements, chairs, and everything else that was needed to move the wedding back outside. I was never stressed at any time. That is why an experienced wedding planner is needed   

So, definitely things are going to happen but it’s how you handle them in that moment, if you freak out your client is going to freak out so it’s always about keeping positive.

BB: Why should people hire event planners?

FM: For that exact reason you need someone to stay calm and to make you feel that everything is going to be okay.  An event planner has a lot more resources to make something happen quickly or fix something quickly than an average person planning something by themselves.

My job is to allow you to be able to just enjoy your event or wedding and not to worry about it. So event planners are definitely needed and they are definitely a necessity to every event.

BB: What is your favorite part of your job?

FM: My favorite part of the job is when the client sees the event space for the first time. Sometimes we plan for over a year and on the day of the event when the client walks into the space and says wow! That’s my favorite part of the job. So many details executed and so much work but seeing a happy client and making that one day the best day ever is so rewarding. 

BB: And how can our audience contact you?

FM: They can find me on my website which is fearonmayevents.com, I am also on Instagram and Facebook as Fearon May so yeah please follow along and watch some of the weddings and events that we do. Also, my phone number is (707) 592-4261

BB: It was really wonderful talking and learning about event planning, thank you so much for your time and I wish you all the best.

FM: Thank you, thanks for having me.

Beverly Boyko

Contributing Writer, Journalist, and Independent Publisher, Owner of Optima Publishing and California Business Mavericks Magazine