Sheryl Simon, Principal of Benoit Mizner Simon & Co. Featured on Business Innovators Radio

Sheryl Simon, Principal of Benoit Mizner Simon & Co. was a featured Sheryl Simonguest on the Business Innovators Radio show discussing how she assists both buyers and sellers either in their home search or to market their home for sale.

Simon recorded her episode of Special Agent, Spotlighting Top Real Estate Agents, a special Business Innovators Radio Show edition with host, Richard Kai Mosca. Simon shared how her in-depth knowledge of the market helps her clients achieve their goals in a most seamless and proficient way.

According to Simon, “Sellers often perceive their home better than the competing properties. I often have to talk them off the ledge and be their voice of reason otherwise they help sell competitor’s homes. Buyers on the other hand often want to “steal” a well priced home. My job is to educate, educate, educate!!

In a follow up after her appearance on Business Innovators Radio, Sheryl was asked what she considers to be the biggest misconception when it comes to buying and selling luxury real estate? Sheryl replied, “A buyers misconception is that it costs them money to be represented, but it doesn’t for the most part, an exception would be if the broker contacts a home owner whose home is not on the market and if they are willing to sell the broker then makes the introduction and an offer is generated but that home owner is unwilling to pay the broker a commission, then a buyer would most likely pay the buyer’s broker.”

Simon went on to say, “A seller’s biggest misconception is that it is easier to sell their house on their own. Without the networking and extensive marketing and exposure we give them, they may be missing the most qualified buyer on their home.”

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