Financial Professional Bryan Baysinger, Interviewed on the Influential Entrepreneurs Podcast Discussion Social Security and specialized knowledge in Retirement Planning

Bryan Baysinger discusses retirement planning. 

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In the episode, Bryan Baysinger emphasizes the importance of taking a proactive approach and valuing specialized knowledge in order to be more successful. Bryan believes that simply having general knowledge is not enough; specialized knowledge is what sets individuals apart. For example, he uses the game show Jeopardy as an illustration, where contestants may have high IQs and general knowledge on a wide range of subjects, but that alone is not sufficient. Bryan stresses the need to stay adept and up-to-date on all the new developments and information in various areas, such as taxes and retirement planning.

Furthermore, Bryan discusses the importance of seeking out specialized knowledge through constant reading, attending workshops, and finding reliable resources. He highlights the fact that many people may have general knowledge on certain topics but lack the proper knowledge and understanding to make informed decisions. He suggests that working with a specialist in a particular field can help individuals become proactive planners and avoid getting information from unreliable sources.

Additionally, Mike and Bryan discuss the fear that many people have of running out of funds in retirement. They mention that this fear often stems from not knowing what choices to make. They emphasize the importance of education and seeking advice from qualified professionals who can provide specific guidance based on an individual’s unique situation. They caution against relying on advice from non-specialists or seeking information from unreliable sources such as friends, family, or random internet searches. They highlight that just like in the medical field, where people go to a general practitioner for general health concerns but often require specialized care from specialists, the same principle applies to financial planning. They suggest that in today’s world of specialists, it is essential to consult professionals who have in-depth knowledge and expertise in retirement planning.

Overall, the episode encourages listeners to value specialized knowledge and to proactively seek out qualified professionals who can provide tailored advice based on their specific retirement goals and circumstances. By doing so, individuals can ensure they are making informed decisions and moving forward on the right path toward a secure retirement.

Bryan shared: “You got your parents, grandparents, your family, friends, neighbors, relatives, and associates that mean well, but give the wrong advice because the advice that they had in the past was appropriate, but with things changing so rapidly all the time, we find that knowing what to do is not only listening and doing something you’ve done for the last 30, 40, 50 years but being open to all of the facts and strategies that are available today that the water cooler method just doesn’t work with. We don’t use a cookie-cutter approach. We believe each person has a unique scenario.”

About Bryan Baysinger

Bryan has been a well-known Financial Professional and Educator for the Last 36+ Years!

Bryan has developed a specialty working with Semi-Retired and Retired persons aged 50+. Hundreds have attended his classes on learning how to Shield their Life Savings (Assets) from all the negative issues out there that they are usually unaware of!

Knowledge is Power! Education is Key! Consequently, many of those who have worked for small & large companies have set aside millions of dollars. Bryan helps clients to make sure their savings last throughout their lifetime & creating a legacy if they desire for their heirs! 

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