Former NFL Star Jordan Babineaux’s New Book Becomes an #1 International Bestseller

After building his identity as an NFL star, thought leader, sports broadcaster, and entrepreneur, Jordan Babineaux is now receiving accolades as an author. Jordan’s recently released book titled Pivot to Win is receiving high praise in the United States, United Kingdom and Canada. The book is currently Amazon’s top bestseller in all three countries, including two categories in the United States. Pivot to Win is currently available in Kindle as well as Paperback versions. 

In his book, Jordan shares the challenges he faced while rising through the NFL to fulfill a dream he envisioned as a kid. He talks about the uncomfortable reality of leaving the NFL, starting a broadcast career, and becoming an entrepreneur, consultant, and owner of several businesses. He discusses the adversities he has triumphed over, the hard lessons that he has learned, and things he had to accept to grow.

Jordan also shares:

  • How to cultivate the mentality and determination needed to pivot successfully
  • Why pivots are hard and what tools people need to persevere
  • Why having a Pivot to Win Playbook is critical for anyone who desires greatness

Pivot to Win is a must-read for anyone pursuing challenging goals, a better life, or a desire to overcome difficult circumstances. Jordan Babineaux shows us how important the inner game is to win—and offers clear, actionable techniques for mastering that game. He does this through a moving memoir that conveys his personal story and the deep motivation he has that fueled his success. Self-knowledge, self-awareness, and self-control are superpowers when it comes to winning, and Babineaux is the motivational coach to help you bring your all to the game,” said Marilyn Gist, Ph.D., former professor, University of Washington and Seattle University, and author of The Extraordinary Power of Leader Humility


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