Aurora Winter, Media Trainer, and Bestselling Author Interviewed on the Influential Entrepreneurs Podcast About a Simple Hack to Hook Attention

Aurora Winter discusses her approach to effective business communication; strategic communication is at the heart of every successful go-to-market plan. The right message delivered through the right media builds trust. Crossing the chasm is essential to building a thriving business. Even the best ideas, the most brilliant breakthrough technology, will fail if no one understands the value you provide. 

Aurora Winter uses her film-making expertise and neuroscience to help people communicate powerfully and effectively. Most people struggle with public speaking. Most first-time authors toil for years to write their book. Fortunately, there is an easy solution! Business tycoons, movie stars, and politicians use this solution to get professional, polished results in record time.

Winter explained that “Breakthrough success comes from combining the best of Hollywood’s story-telling and showmanship skills with the best of Silicon Valley’s science and smarts. Profit from your words, whether they are delivered as a book, pitch, or TED talk.”


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