Fridays With Doria & Friends Will Be Featuring Tom Chesser On Feb 25th Talking About “How To Become A Trusted Authority & How To Create A Powerful Publicity Campaign”

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SUPER CONNECTOR – Tom Chesser is helping Entrepreneurs connect the dots on a global scale, one dot at a time bringing value to the universe.

In this Friday’s event with Doria & Friends on Feb 25th, 2022, Tom Chesser will share how to become a trusted authority in your industry and the best strategy for creating powerful publicity campaigns. In addition, Chesser will teach how to customize messages to reach the perfect audience, like the pros, and what steps are needed to maximize global impact and influence.

Tom will cover the following topics and more:

  • Becoming a Trusted Authority in ‘your’ Industry
  • People buy from those they know, like, and trust. Chesser will teach how to leverage publicity to become a trusted authority in their industry.
  • Customize Messages to Reach the Perfect Audience.
  • Create Powerful Publicity Campaigns
  • Learn how to create powerful publicity campaigns like the pros! 
  • Maximize A Global Impact and Influence
  • How to make a difference not only in their backyard but around the world. Learn what entrepreneurs need to know about maximizing a global impact to create a more significant difference in the world.

About Tom Chesser

Tom Chesser has  35 plus years of experience as a media & marketing consultant. Recently, Chesser became a Best-Selling co-author and currently holds his title as an Authority Branding and Positioning specialist. Shortly after retiring from AT&T Advertising Solutions, Chesser was awarded an Authority Branding & Positioning Agency for the great state of Texas. Chesser is a contributing writer for Authority PressWire, Small Business Trendsetters, Business Innovators, TEDx Community, Buzzfeed, and Today’s Show. In addition, Chesser provides media-worthy articles to 600 plus outlets by using third-party recognition and validation in order to help his clients be seen by their industries, potential clients, and Google as an authority in their field of expertise.

Chesser participates as a host of Business Innovators Radio and his own show “Rise Up Radio.” Chesser interviews top-performing professionals that inspire, connect, impact, and transform people’s lives across the globe. By using these afforded networks, Chesser can transform his clients into instant celebrities. Chesser’s background in sales and counseling has been a tremendous asset in creating these stories to provide the attention his clients deserve. Chesser is a proven super-connector. Clients rave and exclaim the blessing Chesser has been towards the resources Chesser contributed as a value add to procure funding for projects and products. Chesser believes strongly in relationship equity and  the power of teaching how to capitalize and monetize personal stories through coaching and mentoring, thus Chesser being known as “Mr. Authority.”

Authority Positioning & Branding has been recognized as the single biggest strategy businesses can rely on and utilize to enhance their brand and global visibility. The importance of authority positioning has been written about in books such as Duct Tape Marketing and featured in Forbes magazine and on Today’s Show. Visit Business Innovators Magazine and Small Business Trendsetters Magazine to review a list of celebrities that have used authority positioning to reach their status today. Chesser clients can now tap into the same power and say, “I woke up this morning, opened my computer, and saw that 300 plus media networks and outlets picked up my story in just one day. 

“I have connected my clients with NBC, ABC, CBS, Fox, regional and local industry, and financial sites worldwide. Using this type of positioning to get significant exposure is critical because you are not what you say you are; you are what other people say you are. But, more importantly, you are what Google and the media say you are”, Tom exclaimed.

Here is what people are saying about Tom Chesser:

“I would like to highly recommend the services of Tom Chesser and Rise Up Media & Marketing. I have been working with Tom Chesser for two years. He has represented my Jospeh Land Brand and has made a huge impact globally. Not only has he engineered the creation of The Ask Joseph Land insiders Club and Show, but he has also promoted me across the major networks as a Global Entrepreneur and Strategist. His compound effect on our operations, recognition and public relations with our companies has been profound. His creation of The Joseph Land Brand, and his positioning of our investment company, JL Capital Group, and its subsidiaries has been exciting to watch and participate in with our staff. His results have been immediate and exponential. So much so that I have asked him to “Quarterback” our efforts and direction for our staff going forward. Tom Chesser is a man of high integrity, and he has been delightful to work with on an individual basis. In my view, he is without equal in what he does, and believe me, I have experienced empty promises from many—Tom over-delivers with his results that are real and measurable. In a short time, he has taken all of our operations to the next level with huge global recognition.” – Joseph Land, Chairman of JL Capital Group, LLC.

“Thank you, Mr. Tom Chesser, Authority Presswire, and Rise Up Media & Marketing, for this amazing write-up on the young power duo! We appreciate all that you do!” – Terrance Hutchinson, Definite One Teen Magazine.

“I really give thanks to God and an amazing person that has mentored me on this journey. Here is someone that is a dear friend…I introduce you to Tom Chesser! Read about HIM!! That means Google him! He’s the real deal!!!” – Valéssa L. Taylor.

“Tom, you are the best at getting National news exposure and coverage. I know it firsthand. Thanks, my friend. Rockstar!” – Alec Stern

“I have known Tom Chesser for almost 35 years and have found him to be a man with the highest integrity in his personal life and professionally. We have worked together on more than one occasion professionally. I was the person responsible for his recruitment into Directory Advertising Sales many years ago. Then, as a sales manager with GTE Directory Company, I was his manager. Tom adapted well, was a team player, recognized as the Rookie of the Year, outperformed senior sales reps to win The President’s Award in the Dallas, TX Sales office. He also won a travel incentive trip to Rio De Janeiro, Brazil. His results were always in the top 5% of the company. He led the division in sales growth and new business sales. In following his career move to SBC/AT&T, he continued to succeed, demonstrating great sales skills, drive, and persistence in the outside sales position. He would be a tremendous asset to any company. You can count on getting his very best in performance and results.” –  Jim Boyles, Director of Business Development.

“Tom met on America’s Real Deal TV set as a press partner for the Blue Dragon International Consultants 6-city conference tour supporting first responders. WOW! He goes above and beyond, watches my back, and looks at how to be of service for the maximum impact the entire team can deliver. ABSOLUTELY a team player and an asset to our program, knowledgeable about approaches that get attention, and physically walk through doors to get it done. I highly recommend him on a personal and professional level. Rarely do people put so much skin in the game, and he’s gone to the ends of the earth to get this project launched successfully. I WAS grateful I met Tom Chesser and thrilled to have hired him to work with us! We’re getting booked across the country.” – Susan Hamilton, Speaker, Talk Show Host, Chief Executive Officer, Program Director at OffBeat Business Media.

“Tom knows how to bring his customers to the next level. He does it with passion and integrity. Tom is not about just getting the customer’s business. But offers the right products and services to provide the greatest return on investment for them”. –  Dan Pannier Regional Account Manager

“If Tom could package up his energy, enthusiasm, knowledge, creativity, experience, helpfulness, and friendly personality, people would be lining up for years and years to get just a tiny piece. Tom is the consummate professional. I look forward to growing business together! – Bill Mooney Sales & Marketing Director, Manager, VP; Professional Outdoor Writer

“Anyone that has met or spoken with Tom knows his enthusiasm and energy are infectious. He is one of the best resources to have by your side when working on a project with a solid work ethic and a focus on doing a job the right way the first time around. Tom definitely has the skills and expertise to make things happen, plus he’s a great guy. You can’t go wrong doing business with Tom!” – Justin Abramowitz, Web Marketing Specialist.

“Tom is an expert Interactive and New Media strategist/evangelist who can execute in the most complex organizations or environments. Many people talk about it; Tom can get it done. Tom’s abilities as a true marketing and technology leader have been demonstrated repeatedly! Tom is an ideal choice to take any organization to the next level”. – Damon Balch

“Tom is a highly motivated and talented individual. He is extremely focused and always has his customer’s best interests in mind. He provides well-rounded marketing campaigns that drive ROI. His results speak for themselves, and he is always a top-ranked account rep. Tom is an asset to any company that has him on his team, and I highly recommend him in any sales capacity”. – Javier Dilley, Strategic Sales – Team Building – Mentor – Change Agent

“Tom was one of the most consistent sales professionals that were a part of my sales organization in Houston, TX. Tom exceeded sales objectives, led the Houston sales team in new business growth, and was a multi-year CEO Awards winner putting him in the top 5% of sales performance in the entire company at AT&T Advertising Solutions. Tom is open to change and very innovative. With Tom’s expertise and outstanding sales acumen, any sales organization would be a better performing team.” – Joe Collins. Director Of Operations

“Tom would be one of my top choices for any media sales position. He has consistently shown the ability to capsulize the client’s thoughts and needs into a precise solution for meeting the client’s marketing strategy. He quickly excels at meeting sales objectives and doing so in a timely manner.” – Brian McCutcheon.

“Tom is a selling machine and has excellent follow-up skills. He asks his clients tough questions to draw out areas of opportunity in the marketing he does for them. Tom makes his recommendations based on what will work best for his clients, and that’s why they like working with him. If you’re looking for high performance, I would recommend Tom.” – Darrin Cheraso, Digital Marketing Manager.

“I worked with Tom for many years and can tell you that without a doubt, he was consistently one of the best performing reps we had. You could always count on him to do more than his fair share, and he did so with passion and enthusiasm.” – Chris Evers Sales Director Thryv.

“Tommy is one of the most hard-working individuals I know. He puts his customers first to ensure they are getting exactly what they are paying for. He would design programs to maximize his client’s investment, no matter the client’s size or program. He truly loved his job and seeing his clients’ fruits of his labor.” –  Mona (Wilson) Schneider.

“Tom is a highly motivated, customer-oriented sales machine. His specialized knowledge and experience include internet advertising, SEO, SEM, lead generation, customer retention via service after the sale, website sales, email, direct mail sales, social media, and reputation management. I would recommend Tom for any sales or consulting position involving these subject areas.” – Wes Lewis, Digital Marketing Consultant.

“I had the pleasure of working with Tom Chesser at AT&T Ad Solutions for 8 years. He is a high-energy, dedicated, and overachieving sales representative. Over an extended period of time with our organization, Tom continually posted outstanding sales results. Tom Chesser would be a valuable asset to any company.” – Alex Mylonas, Owner of

“Tom was a high producing Sales Rep frequently requesting more work and sales opportunities.” – Jeffory Calhoun, Sales and Business Operations Leader, General Sales Manager at AT&T Advertising Solutions.

“Tom is one of the hardest working salesmen that I know. He pays attention to detail and always keeps his customer’s best interests at the forefront of his proposals.” – Pat McKay, Account Rep at AT&T.

“Tom was a superior salesperson in a Regional Sales office with over 80+ salespeople. Tom was consistently in the top 5% in sales results and, more importantly, was levelheaded and quick to adapt to new products that were being introduced at the time. Tom’s questions were always about what was in it for the customer and how to capitalize on the product through greater sales and earnings. Tom will make a great employee for any company and certainly fills the bill for any type of sales position or, for that matter consulting others on how to produce better results.” – Kirby Hurley, Independent Professional Training & Coaching Professional.


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Tom Chesser

Tom Chesser is the owner of Rise Up Media and Marketing. He has a featured show, Rise Up Radio, an online broadcasting podcast.
He is a credited contributing writer for Small Business Trendsetters, Business Innovators Magazine, and host for Business Innovators Radio. He has his own Authority Agency in San Antonio, Texas, serving all of Texas & beyond. Tom is a Top-Performing Professional in the Media and Marketing industry with over 30 years of experience.