Fridays With Doria & Friends Will Be Featuring Tom Chesser On Feb 25th Talking About “How To Become A Trusted Authority & How To Create A Powerful Publicity Campaign”

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SUPER CONNECTOR – Tom Chesser is helping Entrepreneurs connect the dots on a global scale, one dot at a time bringing value to the universe.

In this Friday’s event with Doria & Friends on Feb 25th, 2022, Tom Chesser will share how to become a trusted authority in your industry and the best strategy for creating powerful publicity campaigns. In addition, Chesser will teach how to customize messages to reach the perfect audience, like the pros, and what steps are needed to maximize global impact and influence.

Tom will cover the following topics and more:

  • Becoming a Trusted Authority in ‘your’ Industry
  • People buy from those they know, like, and trust. Chesser will teach how to leverage publicity to become a trusted authority in their industry.
  • Customize Messages to Reach the Perfect Audience.
  • Create Powerful Publicity Campaigns
  • Learn how to create powerful publicity campaigns like the pros! 
  • Maximize A Global Impact and Influence
  • How to make a difference not only in their backyard but around the world. Learn what entrepreneurs need to know about maximizing a global impact to create a more significant difference in the world.

About Tom Chesser

Tom Chesser

Tom Chesser is the owner of Rise Up Media and Marketing. He has a featured show Rise Up Radio, an online broadcasting podcast.
He is a credited contributing writer for Small Business Trendsetters, Business Innovators Magazine, and host for Business Innovators Radio. He has his own Authority Agency in San Antonio Texas serving all of Texas & beyond. Tom is a Top-Performing Professional in the Media and Marketing industry with over 30 years of experience.