Gina Mama Epps Sassy Passionate Educator Flawlessly Connects Businesses Via Her Social Expertise 

Gina Mama Epps: I was hired in 2019 by a cannabis company to work on business development, lead generation and expanding their social media presence. That company is now partnered with Energice {works with Nike}, Olympians, rappers, Las Vegas Casino owners and a terpene company with patents on one of a kind technology.

Carol: Beautiful Gina! That is amazing. Many need help in both arenas: social media guidance and our health and healing opportunities and learning about what is available.

Did you know from the beginning that you wanted to specialize in or that you would be proficient in successfully connecting businesses together?

Gina Mama Epps: I really didn’t realize that to be my superpower until late 2020. My network was so large and I was involved in many aspects of the health world. Every time I meet someone and learn what they do, my brain has a place for them. I feel like I am constantly working on a puzzle that needs pieces put together. I have built relationships in about every sector available on LinkedIn, why not be a sector connector?

Carol: There are many who emphasize the size of their networks and claim they will be able to connect a business to others. Often times though, the result is that these “connectors” don’t really know or barely know their connections let alone take the time to know their clients and their needs and desires, leaving much of the work in the hands of the business owner. There is still, certainly without question, benefit to being introduced to many thousands the one connecting may have. How does your work differ?

Gina Mama Epps: I take the time to get to know the individual and not just what they currently do, but what their goals are. I then see a direct path to where I can fit in and help make that happen for them (or at least try my darndest). My strength in social media differentiates me from the average person. I will never take a mutual relationship for granted and always look to strategize and grow.

Carol: From firsthand experience with you Gina, I feel you differentiate yourself by a genuine interest and an authenticity to know your clients so that each business or party can see what is being brought to the table, why you are connecting them and how they can reach mutual benefit.

Gina Mama Epps: I couldn’t agree more with you Carol. I am not a Dr trying to push on to the next patient. I am a human searching for connections where I know I can help bring their dreams to fruition.

Carol: What are some common misconceptions about LinkedIn or using social media to develop business?

Gina Mama Epps: I am not sure they see the value in it honestly. Maybe it is just too hard or they feel they can’t navigate it or don’t even know where to start. I can help with all of that. I can teach you how to use social media or I can use social media for you. It is really up to the individual and their goals as a personal or business brand.

Carol: Who would be your ideal client?

Gina Mama Epps: My ideal client would be on LinkedIn and those trying to expand their network or business on that platform. I spend most of my time there building and nurturing my network.

Carol: Tips Gina, would you please share 2 or 3 tips re: using LinkedIn or social media to increase business?

Gina Mama Epps: Absolutely.
1. Prepare a digital business card for your LinkedIn profile. Be friendly and let people know what you do and how you can help them. Add this to your profile as a video welcome message.

2. Be consistent. It is key and that seems to be the hardest for most people. We tend to let life get in the way of our goals. Set aside even an hour a day to focus on social media and your content. Post at least 5 times weekly and respond to every comment. Whomever takes the time to comment on your content, please do the same for them. Never post and ghost. Be present. Watch what happens when you put in the work.

Carol: Thank you Gina for those insightful and helpful tips.
Anything you’d like to further share about your certainly qualified ability to truly be what you mentioned earlier as a “sector connector?”

Gina Mama Epps: I can save them time and money. I keep them up to date with trends and help develop and execute strategies. We will see exactly what is working and what is not. Open communication and transparency are key. Your name is everything and I will work to keep your reputation spotless.

Carol: Excellent!
How would one reach out to you for further information or begin engaging with you as a client?

Gina Mama Epps:

They can email me at
They can find me on Linked Int 63,000 +
Facebook Business Page: 22,500 followers
Facebook Business Networking group: 18,500 members

Carol: Thank you so much Gina for this helpful and insightful conversation.

Gina Mama Epps: Thank you Carol and I look forward to us meeting again. 

Carol: Here’s to what makes your heart happy and your soul smile.

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