How Paul Schumann Became A Living Santa Claus At Heart And Started A 501C3 Called “Health and Wealth Angels.”

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PAUL SCHUMANN is a living Santa Claus at heart.  He is an accomplished debt settlement specialist with 40 years as a real estate broker and 10 years as a mortgage broker. He is recognized as an effective negotiator in challenging business situations.  He has helped hundreds of companies escape their financial entanglements and even found additional financing to grow businesses or keep their doors open. Paul’s core value is integrity, and he is known for his honest and forthright approach. Additionally, he is a business coach and a successful entrepreneur.

As good as this sounds, in an interview with Business Innovators Magazine, Paul talks about many times when things did not work out for him. A lot of memories, and they reminded him of how issues can arise and create problems we don’t expect. At these moments, he remembered how many people of all ages he had helped since he was a kid. He was often an outsider when his family moved, and he changed schools repeatedly. According to Paul, “This same feeling happens when a child is made homeless. They feel like outsiders. Like a stray dog, no one wants or cares much about them.”

Paul exclaims, “All my dogs were strays or pound dogs.” He has always helped the underdog. As a teenager, Paul donated his time to helping other math and science students. He was the teacher’s pet and a top student, tutoring everyone who asked. Paul was elected to be the club’s father in his college fraternity. He was not the oldest but supported anyone in the frat. Helping others has been a theme throughout his life. 

At Cal State Long Beach, Paul was a chemistry major. Paul struggled because chemistry study was complex. He took time off to drive 10,000 miles from California to Pennsylvania to pick up his parents, then through Florida and back to California. He went through Mexico, where he met a lot of kids. Paul loved playing with them and using his car like a stunt driver to awe them.

After college, Paul went into real estate, his life until recently. He loved helping people find new homes or sell existing homes so they could move on. He learned to fix credit to qualify for a mortgage and knew it well. Yet the real estate industry has had many downturns.

During one downturn in 1983, Paul partnered with his friend, Rex, to buy an automotive repair shop. Paul was head of sales and part-time mechanic; Rex was bookkeeper and mechanic. Sometimes, people needed help and could not afford the repairs, so he would shave costs to give them what they needed. One event at the shop changed his life forever. As Paul pulled off a truck tire, it dropped suddenly and ripped the vein in his chest. It was inoperable, and his doctor didn’t give him much hope. The doctor said that if the blood clot exploded, he would need to undergo surgery within 3 hours or die. 

Then Paul found a chiropractor who told him it could be healed using crystals and energy. Paul had doubts, but there was nothing to lose by trying it. One day the chiropractor announced that the blood clot would break up and go away that night, and Paul would live through it.

The blood clot ruptured as predicted, and Paul went home. The doctor would not accept that the chiropractic treatment aided the healing, so Paul asked why he was alive. His doctor said, “Your work is not done.

Something had happened in Paul’s head that he wanted to explore. Unexpectedly, he met a psychic trans-medium teacher. For 6 weeks, Paul had 60 hours of training, learning to go into a trance. He discovered he could read other people’s minds to address health issues. He returned to real estate, yet often helped friends heal from illnesses.

In 1990 Paul trained to become a massage therapist. He seemed to know how to release pain and tension naturally, which impressed everyone in the class, including the instructor. His techniques were unusual for a beginning student. Once, he was even asked to teach the class.

Paul became a full-time healer for the next few years, helping many. His gift of healing was unusual. He encountered a customer in a convenience store in a massive epileptic fit and helped him gain control in seconds. When paramedics arrived minutes later, they were confused about how the man was stabilized, and Paul felt that it was channeled to him at the moment. 

Paul adopted his son, Kyle, in August 1986. Paul and his wife were foster parents who took in several drug babies, and Kyle was a drug baby born to street people without prenatal care. Both parents were drug addicts, alcoholics, and mentally unstable.

Kyle was 6 weeks premature and diagnosed with schizophrenia as a young child. He was removed from school repeatedly for his behavior. Paul did his best to teach him social principles but found no cure. Kyle is homeless at 36, not understanding how to live life. Paul sees him every week and brings him food and money. This experience is one of the reasons that he wants to help mentally ill people who are homeless. So many others lost their home during the pandemic as they lost their jobs and had no money to pay their bills.

Over the years, Paul collected stuffed animals. He gifted some to others, but his collection grew until he realized he had over two hundred toys.

Several years ago, Paul walked into a Christmas store that sold repurposed ornaments and decorations to raise funds for an animal shelter. He saw a Santa Clause outfit and asked if they planned to have a Santa, and they told him that no one had volunteered. Paul smiled and said he would volunteer. 

That is how he became Santa. He sat at the front of the store, welcomed guests, and invited children to sit on his lap. He gave each child a toy. Then he found a preschool with needy children and offered each child a Santa visit with a toy. The happy children hooked his heart. He wanted to be Santa as often as possible. He put out the word and received responses from the Marines, several senior retirement homes, and the Hope Foundation.

As a real estate professional, Paul experienced financial insecurity due to the ups and downs of the housing market. He became a credit master, which helped him repeatedly by accessing 0% credit card interest and helping others to do the same. During one downturn in the real estate market, Paul was the primary negotiator for a settlement company that rescued almost 1,000 small businesses from bankruptcy. Over the years, he has received many thanks for changing lives through his ability to negotiate debt settlements.

The pandemic stopped just about everything that Paul was doing. The world was shut down, and Santa had to wait.

In 2022, Paul realized his passion for helping people, especially kids, was powerful. He started a 501C3 called “Health and Wealth Angels.” He found an unmet need to assist both veterans and people experiencing homelessness. He discovered that many hungry people could not access food from local food banks because hours were limited, requiring a car to pick up food. The second problem is that most people do not know where or how to access support. Paul began working with local food banks to deliver food to needy people. 

He also found a lack of centralized information for resources. While many organizations help in various ways, newly homeless or those without food do not know the locations or the times of distribution. They often need to be made aware of the scope of resources or the questions to ask. Paul is researching available resources, and a disabled veteran is helping him create a website to connect homeless people with food and shelter. He also needs a small truck for food deliveries. The problem regarding homeless veterans is shameful. These people kept everyone free and safe for years. In San Diego alone, which has the largest marine base in the world, home to Top Gun school for flying, and a massive naval base, they still have over 700 homeless veterans in their backyard. This is where Paul Schumann, a living Santa Claus at heart, comes in.

Addressing the unmet need, people can help relieve suffering and keep the Santa feeling of generosity alive all year. To see Santa in action, go to Facebook and search for “Fallbrook’s Jewish Santa.”

Paul needs donations to help those who cannot help themselves. Please Donate to Paypal. me/santaskids or on my Facebook page.

To reach out to Paul personally,  email him at

 To learn more about Paul’s Debt Settlement Company  people can find him on LinkedIn at

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