Interview: DEAN RENFRO Publishes The Official Nana and PawPaw Making Memories Starter Guide

     The biggest thing I think for it Tami, is it’s a way to get started. I found that most people if they ever get started, they’re on their way. It’s kind of like “I don’t know how to get started.”

Tami Patzer: I think you’re absolutely right because like you said you give fifty questions, you give them idea starters. You give them an idea of where to start so they’re not sitting there looking at a blank page. I understand not only is this a book, but you give people access to some software that can help them really create a legacy with this so that they don’t have the box of photo situation where everything gets wrecked if the computer blows up or crashes. Or it’s on paper and something happens and there’s a hurricane. I live in Florida, there’s always that risk that some natural disaster can happen and your books, or papers, or whatever, or computer … Believe me I don’t even know what I have on a hard drive that I can’t anymore.

What is this software? and tell me a little bit about that because that sounds really interesting.

Dean Renfro: Six years ago when I found about my mom’s Alzheimer’s situation I got on a quest to say “How do I make sure that my kids, and grandkids, and other people get access to people’s stories?” At that time QR codes had started making a big into the marketplace and people starting to use QR codes. In one of my businesses I was promoting mobile marketing and that QR code was a big deal. I realized “What if you take a QR code and you put it on a grave marker and people could take their phone and scan that and then a video file or an audio file came on and shared this person’s story?” I thought “That’s cool.” I talked to monument and grave marker companies in the United States. “Oh yeah, yeah, we could do that. We could even engrave it when we do their name. That can be done, that’s no problem, oh that’s cool.”

     Of course back then most people would think six years ago … Everybody didn’t have a smartphone six years ago, for our listeners who don’t know about non smartphones. People still had flip phones and analog phones, there was an issue there, technology. Then the other issue was on the other end there was no easy way to get that from the phone, to a server to have access for it to read the QR code. All that hadn’t happened yet. I know it’s hard for some people at the moment to think “Oh man, we always had this.” We didn’t, even six years ago. I let the idea dropped because it just seemed totally unfeasible. In that quest I had talked to some people about my idea and everybody “Oh yeah, this is a great idea.” Of course some people thought it was kind of weird that your ancestors could talk to you from the grave.
      I said “Nah, I think it’d catch on.” The technology didn’t exist on either end. In the conversation both parties left that there. Eventually a man, a programmer had this similar situation happen to him with a friend who left behind envelopes in his home. Each envelope was separated out. He trusted his friend so he said “Make sure each one of these envelopes get to the appropriate person.” It hit him what we talked about in this whole thing of “Oh, wait a minute, I can do this digitally.” Of course by then The Cloud computer had come along and things were now a little safer and more secure. He set out on a quest to develop this system to create a digital, if you please, time capsule feature that you could put your digital download videos, documents that you scanned, all that kind of stuff, and then be able to direct them to the people that you wanted by of course giving them a password that they would have and then giving each person a set of trustees that would notify the company that you’d passed and then the time capsules would be dispersed.

     That’s how that idea was born, we married our ideas here and part of my book not only gets you started but also “Here’s how you keep it alive forever.” You can put your stuff in your own cloud and that’s fine, but the problem is if people don’t know your passwords or don’t know that you’ve put them in the cloud then they’re still stuck. It’s like burying a treasure box but not giving anybody a map. Nobody ever knows they’re there until accidentally somebody finds them. This software gives you the capability of ten capsules that you can assign to people and you can put in what you want to. Then you have three trustees who you designate to notify this company when you’ve passed to say “They’ve passed” and they’ll then release those time capsules to people. You can edit them, update them, all that kind of thing so it keeps everything secure. It’s really built for this idea that we’re talking about.

Tami Patzer: Wow, that’s really cool. How can we get more information about your books and access to all this good information?

Dean Renfro:

You can find out about my books at my website get the book, that’s singular, GetTheBook.DeanRenfroSays S-A-Y-S .com, that’s a hub page for the books I’m writing. Were going to release some more books built around these special niches of people with special questions for each one of those areas of interest as we have opportunity. I have connection to people that have cancer victims. I’m interiewing them to say “What questions do people need to answer about this, and veterans, and those kinds of things?” So that people know who are connected to those people how to get those stories out of them and put them into something like a book and a journal and then get them into some kind of time capsule system where they’re preserved for the generations to come. is where they can access that, and of course the book’s going to be accessed on Amazon.

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