Interview: DEAN RENFRO Publishes The Official Nana and PawPaw Making Memories Starter Guide

Tami Patzer: Yeah, most of us walk around and we’re fairly healthy until one day we’re not.

Dean Renfro: Correct.

Tami Patzer: I think it is important for us to have a plan, and this really does fall into the planning or pre planning stage. Then also the beauty of it is not only is it a useful tool, but it’s also a gift.

Dean Renfro: Yes.
Tami Patzer: A gift to the future and it leaves a legacy. I think that’s what I really get from it, the fact that I could leave a gift so that all of those children yet to come will know who I was and how much I cared about them even though they weren’t even here yet. That’s really a cool thing. Well Dean, I really appreciate you taking the time with me today.

Dean Renfro: I appreciate the opportunity to share with you and your listeners. Again, a labor of love, covers a lot of things, and I just want to encourage people get the book, work the process. As I talk about one statement in the book is “A hundred years from now people will thank you that you did, because it’ll make that big of a difference in somebody’s life down the road.”

Dean says, “One hundred years from now, someone will be thankful that you took the time and expense to keep these memories alive. So do it. I promise you won’t regret it.”

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The OFFICIAL Nana and PawPaw Making Memories Starter Guide, and The OFFICIAL Making Memories Starter Guide For Moms


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