Interview With Carrie Hartunian Smith Marketing Consultant

Carrie Hartunian Smith is a marketing consultant in Arizona. She creates effective marketing campaigns, focusing on messaging for businesses actively marketing. Here she shares ideas on specifying your target, choosing a platform, and increasing retention rates.


Lisa: Good morning, this is Lisa Williams with Small Business Trendsetters and today we have Carrie Hartunian Smith Consulting. It’s a new year, a busy time for business owners and consultants. I’m sure you have big goals this year.

Lisa: Excellent. Carrie, let’s discuss how you help businesses. Exactly what is Hartunian Smith Consulting?

Carrie: Often, I work with people who haven’t started their business, but have a product or service, and are looking for the secret to get people to purchase it. No matter what they offer, the questions are always the same. “How can I get good SEO? Which social media should I use? How do I get more traffic?” etc. My belief is there is no secret weapon, there is no one single strategy better than another.

Lisa C. Williams

Lisa C. Williams is a exposureist and chief #momentum officer (CMO) of Smart Hustle Agency & Publishing. Lisa creates Corporate Social Responsibility campaigns that business owners, entrepreneurs and companies participate in which helps elevate their brand while being part of the solution to make the world better for others.

Lisa has helped hundreds of professionals get featured in the media and she has worked with over 50 business owners assisting them in becoming published and reaching best seller status.