Leading Life Coach For Today’s Black Men Coach Michael Taylor Talks About His New Program

Coach Michael Taylor is a speaker, author, and the owner of Creation Publishing Group, which has online courses to empower men to live extraordinary lives. He recently wrote “Black Men Rock,” a book to empower men of color and is releasing an online course to spin off the book.  Taylor also has a radio show that has been running for 10 years, and is a cable television show host in Texas.

Michael Taylor

Lisa: Hi, this is Lisa Williams with Business Trendsetters and today I am with Coach Michael Taylor. Michael, how are you today?

Michael: I am doing very well.

Lisa: Michael, can you tell me about your business and your coaching program?

Michael: My company is called Creation Publishing Group and our intention is to create programs and products that empower people to live an extraordinary life. I operate on the assumption that men are hungry for success in the world. I provide programs that support men in embracing new ideas about what it means to be a man.

Lisa: Can you speak to the negative mindset that African-American men have which may be blocking their progress in life?

Lisa C. Williams

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