Leading Life Coach For Today’s Black Men Coach Michael Taylor Talks About His New Program

Coach Michael Taylor is a speaker, author, and the owner of Creation Publishing Group, which has online courses to empower men to live extraordinary lives. He recently wrote “Black Men Rock,” a book to empower men of color and is releasing an online course to spin off the book.  Taylor also has a radio show that has been running for 10 years, and is a cable television show host in Texas.

Michael Taylor

Lisa: Hi, this is Lisa Williams with Business Trendsetters and today I am with Coach Michael Taylor. Michael, how are you today?

Michael: I am doing very well.

Lisa: Michael, can you tell me about your business and your coaching program?

Michael: My company is called Creation Publishing Group and our intention is to create programs and products that empower people to live an extraordinary life. I operate on the assumption that men are hungry for success in the world. I provide programs that support men in embracing new ideas about what it means to be a man.

Lisa: Can you speak to the negative mindset that African-American men have which may be blocking their progress in life?

Michael: If you look throughout society, if you turn on the television right now, generally speaking, what you are going to ultimately see are negative images, in most cases about black men. Unfortunately too many of us, too many black men get their information from the media and what happens is we start accepting these negative images as reality. For example, if we look at all the violence we see in society, we look at the situation where young black men have been killed by policemen and although those are tragic events, the greater challenge is for us as black men not to accept that it is the reality for living in America. What we have to be willing to do, especially as black men, is to remember some terms like GIGO, Garbage In Garbage Out. In terms of talking about mindset, we have to understand that what we are putting in our minds is going to come out in our actions, so that’s why it is important to put in positive things versus the negative stuff we see throughout the media.

Lisa: Let’s talk specifically about your recent book and program, Black Men Rock.

Michael: Black Men Rock is my most recent book. I believe there is a need for programs targeted specifically to men of color. First and foremost, because the overwhelming majority of information is negative, I believe what needs to happen is we need to see the success stories and have the strategies that can support them and create what I call an extraordinary life. Because despite all the challenges of racism and discrimination and all the obstacles that are out there, if you really stop and think about it there has never been an obstacle in front of a man of color that he hasn’t overcome if he thinks collectively. What I tried to do with this particular program is provide concrete solutions to some of the challenges that these black men face.

Lisa: How do you feel Black Men Rock can help with what’s in the media, the recent tragedies, deaths, and frustration many black men are feeling as well as the perception that others have of black men today?

Michael: We have to understand that perception creates reality and the question becomes where we receive our perception? Well if you are only getting your perception from the media, what you are going to see is all the things that are wrong, all the negative aspects. What will happen if you start inputting some positive perceptions for example, exposing black men to black men who have succeeded and who have been doing very well in society, black men who are capable of creating loving monogamous relationships, black men who are talking about and sharing ways to be financially abundant, and have rewarding and fulfilling careers?

Lisa: Let’s talk about the common misconception that black men may have about why he hasn’t reached a level of success.

Michael: One of the most common obviously, is the whole idea of being black limits you in some way. Unfortunately, too many black men have the perception that they can’t succeed because they bought into the media that has generated stereotypes. For a black man, one of the greatest challenges we have is specifically to see ourselves as powerful, instead of victims, and that is the challenge. That is why it is important to read the book, to do the workshops and seminars, and keep changing that internal perception, to say that you are powerful, you are not the victim. Most of us have been victimized in some way but we do not have to remain victims and so we must change our minds to recognize that.

Lisa: What thought would you like to leave that perspective men can consider in buying your program Black Men Rock?

Michael: The first thing I say is, become optimistic because optimism is contagious and if you are willing to be optimistic despite the challenges, optimism can be fuel that will give you everything you need to move through the challenges in your life. But, if you already have a defeated attitude, a negative pessimistic attitude, it is difficult to change. I highly recommend that everyone embrace the idea of optimistic because that can be learned, people can change a negative mindset to a positive mindset and that is what Black Men Rock is designed to do, change the mindset of black men from something negative to something positive and when we do that, then the revolution will move forward. Be optimistic because perception creates reality, so if you perceive your future to be awesome it will be, if you don’t, it won’t be.

Lisa C. Williams

Lisa C. Williams is a exposureist and chief #momentum officer (CMO) of Smart Hustle Agency & Publishing. Lisa creates Corporate Social Responsibility campaigns that business owners, entrepreneurs and companies participate in which helps elevate their brand while being part of the solution to make the world better for others.

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