Irene Freitas is Creating Prosperity and Harmony, One Space at a Time with Feng Shui

It really depends on the results they want.

BIM: What are the most common obstacles that prevent your clients from achieving positive healing outcomes?
IRENE: Clutter and limited beliefs.

A client needed to find tenants for her apartment complex. She complained that she could never get good tenants, and her apartment remained vacant for a few months. Her own home was cluttered. She found it difficult to believe that “clutter” actually prevented her from getting new tenants. After a few months of arguing, she started to clear the clutter from her living room and bedroom, throwing things out that no longer served her. Only then did she start to find decent applicants and finally found a very good tenant to her liking.

BIM: And, what should readers look for in choosing someone to help them?
IRENE: They should seek out someone with credentials, who has studied and practiced Feng Shui for a long time. Client testimonials are a great thing to ask for and review as well. Finally, a true practitioner should offer a free consultation upfront—to see if the relationship will be a great fit for both sides.

BIM: Nice. So in terms of our clients, how would you describe the most typical course of improvement?
IRENE: First, I think that people need to want to change and surrender old habits that are holding them back. And, they need to have an open mind and heart. I have a few different action plans for my clients, depending on their needs. Or, I can customize a plan for them. You can learn more at my website

BIM: Does someone have to believe in Feng Shui for it to work?
IRENE: No. Energy is all around us—it doesn’t take belief to know it’s there. For those who don’t believe, it still works. But, the power of belief really can create miracles.

BIM: And what would your advice be to the reader who’s serious about their well-being.
IRENE: If you’ve tried everything in your power to create a positive outcome, and it still hasn’t happened. Give Feng Shui a try, and discover where it can take you.

Renee Harrison

Renee Harrison is a consultant, publisher and marketer who has helped dozens of business owners realize their dream of becoming a bestselling author.