Irene Freitas is Creating Prosperity and Harmony, One Space at a Time with Feng Shui

Irene Freitas-resizedI sat down with Irene Freitas, founder of Feng Shui For Your Life to talk about the work she does helping people transform both their spaces and their lives via the ancient Chinese art of Feng Shui.

BIM: Can you tell us what you do?
IRENE: Feng Shui is about creating balance and harmony in your space. I feel that I heal the space and shift the energy so it supports your needs—where you want to go in your business, relationship, life, etc.—and opens the energetic channel of more opportunities. Healing the space heals those living there.

BIM: Was there a time when you realized or knew you had a healing gift or the ability to heal?
IRENE: As a Reiki practitioner, I knew I had the ability to do some form of healing. Not until I had Feng Shui’ed the first house did I realize it was possible. The client wanted the energy of her home to shift, as there were issues with her mother who lived with her. I had just completed my first level and was preparing that very day to go to my next segment of my Feng Shui training.

That evening, my client texted me, telling me she and her fiancée finally decided to get married and were in Las Vegas. Soon after their arrival, she won $1,000 on the machines. She was ecstatic and said it was all due to the Feng Shui energy. I thought that was ridiculous and didn’t give it another thought.

A few weeks later, her husband informed me he was sleeping better and finally passed a test he hadn’t been able to pass after a few attempts. He was very happy. Then, a few months after that, the client’s mother left the house.

BIM: So, tell me more about the kind of healing work that you do.
IRENE: I use Reiki and other energetic modalities that I incorporate into Feng Shui. In the past few years, I’ve fine-tuned my Feng Shui. Now I truly help people achieve their dreams and what they want from their lives.

I feel in order to bring balance and harmony into your space, it should be cleared of predecessor energy—by that I mean the energy of those who occupied that space before you. What kind of energy did they leave? Was there a divorce? Death? Bankruptcy?

I clear it for them.

BIM: Now tell me, how did you become a Feng Shui Consultant?
IRENE: I always felt there was more to life than just working the J-O-B. I also felt there’s more to life than just what “is.” I was always more interested in the metaphysical. Once I discovered Reiki and Feng Shui, I knew this was my true calling.

Initially, it was a hobby while I worked fulltime in the corporate world. Once I realized that I had a gift to help people and get results for them, it was exciting! Not until I was laid-off did I realize that Feng Shui was what should be the focus of my life.

BIM: What kind of training have you had?
IRENE: I am certified in the Black Hat Sect of Feng Shui, through Master Nate Batoon. I am also a Reiki Master. I am also a Master Practitioner and certified trainer of Neuro-Linguistics Programming.

BIM: Are there differences in the kind of training that’s available for Feng Shui?
IRENE: If you’re referring to the various forms of Feng Shui—yes. There are the Classical and Traditional forms of Feng Shui. We follow the basic modality of Feng Shui, with our own spin. Let’s face it: after 5,000 years, Feng Shui cannot be the same as it was then. And, we all put our own interpretation and modality on it as we refine our craft.

BIM: Tell me about “Feng Shui for Your Life” and the types of clients you help.
IRENE: “Feng Shui for Your Life” helps people in all walks of life. The question is “What results do you want from Feng Shui?.” Business owners want more productivity, profit margins, improved employee relationships, more clients, etc. And everyone wants their home to be their sanctuary—a place of rejuvenation, energy and peace.

BIM: Do you see a pattern with the types of people who come to you? Are they having a similar challenge or problem or are they at a specific point in their life?
IRENE: The pattern I see is that these people want the energy in their space to be better.

They feel something’s “off” in their home or business. I have a client who just wanted to go to work and feel good. She was starting to dread going there, especially when she was asked to take on an additional position in another office since that person was very ill. She felt that the people in the other office did not respect her, were rude and complained incessantly.

After the Feng Shui, she said that her colleague’s attitudes changed: they became pleasant and started working with her instead of against her.

Another client lived in her home for 25 years, but it never felt “like her own.”

So the pattern I see is—they are kinesthetic, and they want things to “feel” better.

BIM: Super. What methods do you use and how do they promote and support healing?
IRENE: I practice the Tibetan Black Hat Sect of Feng Shui through placement, colors and elements. Shifting the energy, removing negative blocks (e.g., clutter) and special placement allow the energy to flow. Like veins and arteries in your body, you are healthier when they are free of clots and any foreign objects and your blood flows naturally.

Renee Harrison

Renee Harrison is a consultant, publisher and marketer who has helped dozens of business owners realize their dream of becoming a bestselling author.