Thomas Caruso is Bringing The Clean Facility Approach to Manufactures All Across the Americas

thomas-caruso-vileda-professional-clean-facility-approach-to-clean-roomsI sat down with Thomas Caruso, who is the commercial director of controlled environments in the Americas for Vileda Professional, a brand of Freudenberg, to talk about The Clean Facility Approach and the innovations they are bringing to manufacturers in the Americas.

BIM: I appreciate you spending time with our readers today. Tell us about Vileda Professional. Who is your company?

THOMAS: Vileda Professional is a leading global manufacturer of innovative cleaning systems, specifically for healthcare, controlled environments, general building cleaning and specialty markets. And Vileda is a brand of Freudenberg. Freudenberg is a company that is 165 years old. They were founded in 1849 in Germany. Globally the broad variety of business including seals and vibration control, non-wovens, chemical specialties and home cleaning solutions. Vileda is actually part of the whole cleaning solution business. Freudenberg generated more than $10,000,000 in sales in the prior year, had 43,000 associates in 52 different countries throughout the world.

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