Jalma Mesnick Marcus Quantum Alignment System Organizational Development to Quantum Form

This is what I want to provide for organizations.

My job is to be able to identify where the most effective point would be to “enter” the organization/system and initiate an interaction that will result in the change of the existing pattern allowing for better, more resilient operation. Once this occurs, the identification of specific external interventions can occur by bringing people together to create a healthier and better process, environment, relationships and interactions.

CS: Again, it’s all about discovery, alignment, balance and mostly bringing the best parts together into an interactive relationship.

Jalma: Yes, with alignment comes resiliency and with resiliency comes sustainability. The healthier you are, the more energy you have. The more successes, the better results you have, which allows embracing life and having wonderful experiences in this world. Work doesn’t have to be difficult. Life doesn’t have to be difficult, so long as we know where those areas are that we need to align.

CS: Likewise then, through the Quantum Alignment System, an organization/company is happier, the employees are happier, the management is happier and so it’s all working quite congruently.

Jalma: Yes. An organization/company is resilient, the employees, staff, colleagues, leadership, stockholders, customers and even venders and suppliers are satisfied and engaged. It’s all working quite congruently. When this occurs, we see results in sales and financial rewards. The focus is not on what is wrong, but on what the priority areas are that must be supported to result in these outcomes. Low sales are a symptom, a result of a misalignment of the parts. Intervening and trying to address sales is not what the organization may need to shift this existing pattern. The Quantum Alignment System will identify the parts that need to be aligned.

Also, if people are satisfied and if we can provide ways in which to maintain this alignment easily and quickly, organizations save energy to use in different ways, more effective ways. There is satisfaction. They have greater results. Outcomes that exceed expectations can occur. You can quantify them as well as qualify them. Satisfaction is a quality indicator. If you’re satisfied, if you feel good about what you’re doing, if you like to come to work, then you’re not going to leave, which basically results in less money being spent in hiring new people to fill the same positions. The result is greater productivity and engagement resulting in opportunities for creativity.

There can be more growth. Succession planning gets easier. I’ve seen organizations have more money start flowing because they address something as simple as defining roles of certain positions. Just by defining those roles, those organizations started having a greater cash flow. But the cash flow was not what was addressed. Sounds like Magic? It’s amazing what can happen when we stop trying to simply “fix” what hurts. By just connecting certain parts, the organization will create a different pattern.

Once the people are more alive with more energy, more creativity, less stress, the processes are able to become more innovative, more creative, better able to function in a way that makes everything easier. My work with people and organizations is to move them in a direction of their own healing.

CS: Have you found a common misalignment across organizations at all Jalma?

Jalma: Every organization wants the same outcomes, but misalignments are unique to each. Often creativity/ innovation seems to be an area that needs to be supported. This comes from a willingness to look at the whole system.

CS: So far, understanding of alignment has been excellent. Thank you.
Speaking of alignment, it’s evident that being a holistic nurse and holistic practitioner has also played a key part in your creation of the Quantum Alignment System. Leverage, systems, integration all seem very much a part of how you see the world and how you have implemented all 3 into your work and in the Quantum Alignment System.

Jalma: I’ve had an interest in the body/mind connection ever since nursing school and in the processes of how everything is energy and everything, in turn, influences one another within a whole. My belief is that everything is connected and the Quantum Alignment System, as in the body, makes certain to take into consideration the whole system/organization not just the parts. A systems approach.

My real passion is healing our fractured siloed organizations. Without viewing the system as a whole, we will continue to rush to solutions that only address symptoms. The Quantum Alignment System marries holistic nursing theories, principles, values and standards with quantum theory of energy and consciousness to help organizations achieve better levels of health by creating an environment where caring and health can emerge and thrive. By nursing the organization, connecting the people, processes and external environments, we create an opportunity for the organization to heal. It becomes a holistic performance improvement activity like selfcare to the individual.

CS: Thank you for that. Now a bit more of the “quantum” aspect of your system please Jalma.

Jalma: In the body, all of us have similar parts…organs, endocrines, muscles, etc. In organizations, there are also parts. The Quantum Alignment System is a tool that identifies 4 major categories that can be likened to body systems. I call them the 4 C’s: Clarity, Connection, Compassion and Credibility.

These four categories have further parts. The Quantum Alignment System addresses people, processes, structures and relationships. Relationships to each other, to the whole organization, as well as the environment, within which that organization functions just like in the body. Everyone’s headache isn’t caused by the same things. So, with organizations, every accident, every sales drop is not created by the same interactions. Thus, the Quantum Alignment System can identify those unique interactions and identify what kind of intervention would be helpful to change the system.

Every single organization is unique as to how those parts interact. It’s about interconnecting a variety of different complex interactions, that at a quantum level and with very little effort, create a big result. If you focus on only one part of an organization rather than considering the part in relationship to the whole, you’re basically missing opportunities.

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