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jalma picI recently had the great pleasure of speaking with Jalma Mesnick Marcus, Board Certified Holistic Nurse, Holistic Practitioner, Creator and Founder of the Quantum Alignment System.

It became quite apparent throughout our conversation, that from birth, Jalma was destined to “be different,” be an innovator, stand out from the crowd, be an influencer, a person who had interest in how everything worked as a whole and how system approaches link everything vs only treating the parts.

Jalma would set the stage for advances in thought and perception in people connecting with people, on energy’s effect on health and organizations and now, she has created a brilliant system that has brought together all her years of training and vast experience from nursing to organizational development. She has created an excellent approach that integrates Holistic Nursing theories, principles, values and standards with quantum theory, energy and consciousness to help organizations heal. A system that will find itself with global recognition, no doubt. The Quantum Alignment System sets the stage for the future of organizations and is the topic of this shared conversation.

“Listen in” to some of the highlights from our incredible talk. This is a must read for any manager, organization, business who dare to think out of the box and who realize that the top-down leadership model no longer works. The Quantum Alignment System is the solution for facilitating organizational health through alignment.

CS: Jalma, thank you so much for meeting with me to discuss what sounds like an incredible system.

Jalma: I’m so thrilled that the two of us have found each other so that I have an opportunity to introduce you and many others to something that I have been passionate about for a very long time.

CS: I agree totally Jalma. I’m anxious to get right into discussing your Quantum Alignment System.

It is my understanding that businesses and organizations today seem to be facing constant challenges from technology and its constant advancement to how people are interrelating among themselves and with others be it staff, employees, customers, colleagues, suppliers/vendors and even communities. Engagement is huge in business today. Higher levels of intense competition and continual survival challenges exist as well.

From the little we discussed prior to today’s conversation, it strongly sounds as though your Quantum Alignment System can and does offer a thorough, very innovative and already successful solution to much of what is misaligned in today’s organizations and businesses. First, am I correct and second, would you share your description of what the Quantum Alignment System is please?

Jalma: Yes, you are correct and there is, of course, much more to what is causing misalignments within organizations.

The Quantum Alignment System is a holistic integrative system that identifies and links a specific combination of both internal and external parts of the organization, that when working in congruent harmony, facilitate a state of aligned action. This aligned action provides an opportunity for the organization to create and heal itself so that healthier integrative relationships can emerge. The results support cultures of resiliency, engagement, flexibility and overall better financial, people and process outcomes.

The quantum alignment system identifies what parts of the organization are ready to re-establish interaction with each other to create opportunities for that harmony to occur.

CS: There truly is a more evident connection between our personal health and healing and your system for organizations. Our bodies seek homeostasis when they are out of balance or “misaligned.” From what you are sharing, the Quantum Alignment System seems to get to the root cause of an organization’s misalignment or imbalance similarly to those who practice integrative medicine and address health by getting to the root cause.

I’m relating so well to what you are sharing and I’m seeing such a need within organizations and businesses today, also the many problems existent and evident ahead, that I had to interject. I’m enthusiastic about this and your adaptation of your vast years in the health industry into what you have now created for organizations. I can hear your passion as well.

Jalma: Thank you. I believe people are ready for this transformation in thinking and acting in our work. Nothing is separate. We are constantly interacting with our internal and external environments. We are influenced by our environment and we, in turn, influence all aspects of our environment.

CS: Fantastic. Please continue.

Jalma: The quantum alignment system identifies the parts of an organization. that are ready to align with other parts, all in present time. This creates an environment for efficient and customized changes in existing patterns and result in a movement towards greater flexibility and adaptability.

Speaking of the connection between our health and organizational health, consider our bodies. We have an innate ability to heal ourselves. An organizational system does the exact same thing. It will move toward self-organizing to keep the system alive. However, like our bodies, organizations may not be able to engage all the necessary parts that need to be connected to achieve that goal. Often there are parts that are being overused or underused leading to an accommodation that over time may result in an inability to continue to function at an optimal level. The longer this pattern occurs without supporting an opportunity to heal those imbalanced parts, the more the possibility that the system itself may not cease to exist but result in further decline leading to permanent disability.

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