Sarah Salabor Naturopathic Physician Discusses The Customization of The Gut Hormone Connection

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What can I say about Sarah? It was an inspiration from God that led me to seek a different avenue to reach holistic healthcare practitioners for a project I was working on to educate and be advocates for the health and wellbeing of others. I was seeking those I would be certain to be trusted professionals for those in need and vice versa for holistic practitioners, including integrative and functional healthcare practitioners and professionals to work with clients and patients that would be active participants in their own healthcare.

It was immediate that I came across a posting from Sarah. It caught my eye due to the content and what I sensed from that post was a character befitting what I was seeking. We connected and the rest has been nothing but inspirational, definitely filled with great camaraderie and mutual passion for helping others.

As you will find, in our conversation below, Sarah has a genuine love for her work, is very well educated and is a firm believer in continuing education not only for herself to best help others, but also to help educate others for an optimal and customized journey to health.

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