Sarah Salabor Naturopathic Physician Discusses The Customization of The Gut Hormone Connection

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What can I say about Sarah? It was an inspiration from God that led me to seek a different avenue to reach holistic healthcare practitioners for a project I was working on to educate and be advocates for the health and wellbeing of others. I was seeking those I would be certain to be trusted professionals for those in need and vice versa for holistic practitioners, including integrative and functional healthcare practitioners and professionals to work with clients and patients that would be active participants in their own healthcare.

It was immediate that I came across a posting from Sarah. It caught my eye due to the content and what I sensed from that post was a character befitting what I was seeking. We connected and the rest has been nothing but inspirational, definitely filled with great camaraderie and mutual passion for helping others.

As you will find, in our conversation below, Sarah has a genuine love for her work, is very well educated and is a firm believer in continuing education not only for herself to best help others, but also to help educate others for an optimal and customized journey to health.

Sarah has been through quite a bit in her 35 years of life and has a drive to get to the root cause of one’s symptoms. I am very proud to introduce and have you meet, Dr Sarah.

Carol: Sarah, thank you so much for meeting with me today. I am looking forward to our conversation.

Sarah: It is my pleasure. I look forward to our conversation as well. Thank you for reaching out to me on this topic.

Carol: I’d like to begin with your definition please of what a naturopathic physician is?

Sarah: I believe a naturopath is somebody who sees the body as a whole: body mind spirit, and uses what God gave us to correct those problems. That’s what I fully believe.

It is being able to use what God gave us to heal ourselves. I believe that in the Bible where it states: “He gave every seed-bearing plant for our food” is talking about our nutrition and its ability to heal our bodies. So that’s where my foundation has come from–through the Bible. Also, through my schooling with Trinity. It was biblically based as well.

Also, in the Bible, when they brought gold to Jesus, it was actually turmeric. Turmeric was super expensive; very high dollar. It was very precious to the people of that time. We know now it is an anti-inflammatory; an immune system booster. So, it makes sense why they brought that to them when they were in a barn in a manger.

Carol: I didn’t know in all of these years that the gold was turmeric. How interesting. I also believe that herbs, minerals and so much more were God given and have multiple purposes for health and wellbeing.

Sarah, you may want to explain what Trinity means for those who may not know.

Sarah: Trinity is a three in one. It’s body, mind and spirit. Seeing it all as one, when one of those is off balance, the rest of it goes off balance. You need to figure out which point actually threw it off to begin with.

Carol: Is there anything you’d like to add as to how you knew or why you chose to be a naturopathic physician?

Sarah: It chose me. God sent me here. I’ve known He has all this time. There was a time when, due to various situations affecting holistic practitioners, that I wondered how’d I do this work, but here I am today, knowing that it is not just right, but very right and needed!

I feel God is now calling his soldier and saying: “you are on the frontline.” Before I was still on a journey of learning and understanding. I believe that if I had started earlier, I would have been out of my ordained calling, now I feel ready and protected. I believe He put me through everything I’ve gone through and experienced to place me into the position that I need to be because there’s not enough of us that don’t put people in boxes.

Carol: Out of the many services, knowledge and abilities that a naturopathic doctor can do and offer, I know you strongly chose to meet and talk with us today on the subject of the gut/hormone connection. Why is that, Sarah?

Sarah: Because that’s what I’ve dealt with the most personally and professionally. I’ve seen how the gut and the hormones play such a huge role with each other. Personally, I’ve experienced when my gut, no matter what I was doing, wasn’t being fixed. My periods got horrible with it. It was because of the estrogen imbalance and just all that came and happened with it, including the trauma of it all led me to learn and want to share information to help. My HPA axis being off just made it even worse. So, it’s personal. I feel like this is where God led me — to figure out that this is where all the issues start. It’s what we put into our mouths, that tear up our guts. Our gut is where nutrition comes from and if that’s not working and if we can’t get nutrition everywhere else and to all the glands then so much is out of balance and we have to make it all balanced. That’s just kind of where my path led. Then, of course, in school I learned a great deal about the gut.

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