Cutting Edge Systemic Metal Detoxification with Wellness Coach Lauri Brown

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A few short weeks ago, I had the incredible pleasure of meeting wellness coach Lauri Brown. I learned quickly that Lauri’s personality is infectious. She is very learned in her profession, calls it as it is, is forthright, seemingly quite sincere and without question, has the heartfelt desire to truly assist and listen closely to those she works with. You may note upon closer examination of Lauri’s picture, that her glasses are indeed upside down. It’s indicative of her personality, as I mentioned.

It didn’t take long for Lauri to answer me about what she wanted to discuss. I could quickly see her true desire and wish to educate and inform us on cutting edge detoxification, specifically heavy metal detoxification.

Cutting edge, per definition on Google is:
“The latest or most advanced stage in the development of something; innovative or pioneering.”

Listen in on a great conversation with Lauri and I and you will see why this type of detoxification is different from others you may have heard of or are familiar with. You will see that it is indeed, “cutting edge.”

Carol: Welcome Lauri. How are you today?

Lauri: I always say, “I’m on the right side of the ground, so no complaints from me.”

Carol: I’d like to jump right in, if that’s ok?

Lauri: Absolutely!

Carol: Lauri, would you begin please with sharing, what is a wellness coach?

Lauri: A wellness coach is someone who listens intently to someone who has concerns; who is seeking help, but someone who also encourages and motivates to move that person towards better health, whether it’s physically, spiritually or emotionally.

Carol: How is that done? Is it done through products, energy medicine… how’s that done?

Lauri: It is accomplished by helping the body fix itself the way it was designed. A wellness coach is someone that will be there to walk with you through the process.

Carol: What led you down this path of healing?

Lauri: In 2015, my son was diagnosed with nonalcoholic fatty liver. He was 15 years old. Being a one income family, I always thought I was serving my family well by penny pinching and, you know, saving on food where I could, but I was really creating a storm inside of his body, and I didn’t know it.

We abruptly, or I abruptly, made the decision to stop how we were buying food. We converted over to cut out all wheat, all grains and all sugars. Within about six months, his A1C number and his liver enzymes that were four times what they should have been bounced back into normal range and he lost about 60 pounds. So that was the initial start of our family’s health journey.

Carol: From there, what instilled you to carry on?

Lauri: From there, in 2019, our daughter decided to make a potentially life-threatening choice where she overdosed on drugs and had a hemorrhagic stroke as a result. Seeing her struggle, put me on a different path of trying to find something to help her brain heal. I put her on a supplement routine that June, but in September, she decided that she would no longer take them, so we kind of took over doing that, my husband and I and both boys. We continued that path until early 2022. That’s when I switched our protocol again. In March of 2022, I was introduced to a brilliant biochemist. He co-wrote the book Invisible Killers: The Truth About Environmental Genocide with Dr. Stewart Lonky. He brought to light all the dangers and the concerns about the environment that we live in. You know, the water we drink, the air we breathe, food we eat. The list goes on: the clothes we wear, the makeup, etc. Toxins are everywhere and it is impossible to avoid exposure. So, I learned about him and learned about all the different studies and the experiments that he was doing and decided to address our health in a different manner by going deeper into our bodies, by not just addressing things on the surface level, so to speak. We decided to address all the toxins that we knew that we had accumulated over our 50 plus years of living.

Carol: That sounds intense, but here you are. Would you please describe your definition of detoxification.

Lauri: Well, there are two different types. You have a gut or a digestive detox, which is what the majority of health and wellness companies focus on. Right? It is more surface level and deals with anything that would be digestive, whether it’s GERD or acid reflux or stomach issues, IBS, that kind of stuff.

Then you have a systemic detox which goes deeper into the body. It pulls toxins from bones, your blood, tissues and organs. What people don’t know about it is that if they’re having trouble losing weight, or they even gained weight, it is because of ‘toxicity obesity’. A new word that I learned about is obesogens, which are toxins that are sequestered in fat tissue, and luckily, there are ways that you can pull those out to assist in weight loss. Research shows that those doing a systemic detox excrete 7-15x more heavy metals than just relying on the liver and kidneys alone, so after the 1st dose, you’ll pee poisons.

Toxins are very dangerous and they’re not very well known. That’s why the type of detox that someone does is what’s going to make the biggest difference with their health. Systemic detox covers the entire body, which would also include digestive or gut health.

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