Cutting Edge Systemic Metal Detoxification with Wellness Coach Lauri Brown

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A few short weeks ago, I had the incredible pleasure of meeting wellness coach Lauri Brown. I learned quickly that Lauri’s personality is infectious. She is very learned in her profession, calls it as it is, is forthright, seemingly quite sincere and without question, has the heartfelt desire to truly assist and listen closely to those she works with. You may note upon closer examination of Lauri’s picture, that her glasses are indeed upside down. It’s indicative of her personality, as I mentioned.

It didn’t take long for Lauri to answer me about what she wanted to discuss. I could quickly see her true desire and wish to educate and inform us on cutting edge detoxification, specifically heavy metal detoxification.

Cutting edge, per definition on Google is:
“The latest or most advanced stage in the development of something; innovative or pioneering.”

Listen in on a great conversation with Lauri and I and you will see why this type of detoxification is different from others you may have heard of or are familiar with. You will see that it is indeed, “cutting edge.”

carol santella

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