Arise Victorious: The Journaling Series Part 1

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As we step into the possibilities of 2024, there’s an undeniable energy urging us to rise above the challenges and uncertainties that may have left us feeling adrift in the wake of 2023. In our conversations and decisions to move forward with another series, Karyn Lynn Grant and I realized that, on multiple levels, we were and are experiencing an inherent feeling that many need uplifted, supported, a light back in their lives and hearts, a true sense of self and love and more.

In the spirit of renewal and empowerment, Karyn and I would like to present: “Arise Victorious: The Journaling Series.”

Journaling not only because of the valuable information to follow over these next potent interviews/articles, but also because we have decided to structure them with questions at the end of each, or having them intermingled within our discussions, to offer insightful direction to assist you on your journey to resiliency and healing.

This journey is an invitation to rediscover the resilient spirit within, to embrace the possibilities that await, and to reclaim the gift of a resilient spirit in the face of life’s twists and turns. Each is an opportunity to evolve, grow, triumph and recognize our capability, worthiness and the divine power within.

Our goal is that you will Arise Victorious each month, reclaim your resilient spirit, and let hope be the compass guiding you forward.

With that, we invite you, starting today, to continue with us on your journey to Arise Victorious. Journal in hand. Let’s begin.

Carol: Hi Karyn! Such a pleasure. I am so excited to begin this series. I honestly believe it will touch many hearts and help, strengthen and guide many to a healthier and happier time.

Karyn: I am very excited about this too Carol.

I feel that no matter who we are, no matter where we are, we can all raise our inner soul’s vibration a little higher! Anyone who may have left 2023 feeling a loss of motivation and enthusiasm for their life’s purpose might want to read on! Those who had a spectacular 2023 filled with all kinds of accomplishments, achievements and a long list of awards and successes, may not need to read this interview/article. But, for those who felt a bit beleaguered by a whirlwind of waning confidence even before stepping one foot forward into the future, I encourage you to read on!

Carol: After you reached out and we realized that ironically we were on the same thought patterns of life and what could be quite helpful for many, you proposed a new theme for 2024: “Arise, Victorious!” As we were brainstorming and sharing inner thoughts and life, the journaling concept was added and here we are headed into a powerful series.

Karyn: This series of articles will hopefully meet you right where you are. We invite you to “Reclaim Your Gift of a Resilient Spirit” in 2024. You may need to shed some tears as you count your losses and recount your gains. Soon you will find yourself realizing that uncounted blessings have come in the face of much adversity. Our hope is that you can learn from the experiences that may have kept you traveling in circles in the past. Then, it will be time to break free of past downward spirals by remembering that your spirit stands at the helm of your life and is ready whenever you are, to proceed down the path that leads to greater measures of Joy.

Whether you have suffered from heartbreak, grief or loss somewhere along the way in the past, the joyful notation I propose is that you can begin anew, right where you stand in this moment and start focusing on the opportunities that await you. It’s time to “Arise, Victorious!” and begin reclaiming greater love, more joy and a deepening sense of peace in your life.

Carol: Karyn, perhaps sharing what is being referred to as resiliency would be a great start.

Karyn: The gift of resiliency is truly a talent for repatterning, reparenting and repositioning ourselves for an even better outcome. It’s learning how to get up after we fall down. It’s learning how to love again after we have felt rejected and replaced. It’s trying something new when other pastimes feel old and worn out. It’s letting go of a relationship that refuses to reciprocate your passion for life and love. It’s making a new choice and a new decision to begin again after feeling the pain and agony of faltering or failing with an even greater impetus to succeed. It’s taking a moment to rekindle a breath strong enough to reignite a dying ember until it builds into a bright new flame.

Carol: Excellently stated Karyn. Once a decision regarding resiliency is made, how is it we begin?

Karyn: The beautiful thing about making a decision to begin “Reclaiming Your Gift of Resiliency” is that it is all done by pure choice. If you stop running on the busy treadmill of daily living and let your spirit become your inner guide, you will learn some pretty amazing things about yourself. Your flesh may be weary at present, but your spirit will undoubtedly prove itself forever willing to rise above the obstacles that surround you. If you take time each and every day to tap into your own hidden reservoirs, you will find you have inner strength that you knew not of.

Carol: This may be a great time to begin jotting down thoughts and lightbulb moments in your journals, if you haven’t begun already. Karyn, can you begin some suggested steps for resiliency?

Karyn: Absolutely. So, how does one “Arise” after a slump? Just by “awakening and arising” a little earlier every morning and beginning a ritual of “Scripting” where you put a pen in your hand and begin pondering and meditating, on paper, some of your very innermost thoughts and feelings. As you do this, you will find that you are becoming more emotionally present and spiritually connected to a sense of your own Higher Self.

Also, taking time to listen to your innermost “Self” is one of the most important ways I have discovered in reconnecting, on a daily basis, to the age-old adage, “To Thine Own Self Be True.” It is when we are disconnected from our divine self that we may find ourselves turning in an outward direction and begin looking for advice, counsel and guidance from well-meaning others who may not truly be in tune with what is best for you.

Simply your life by eliminating those activities that no longer serve you. Do some internal spring-cleaning and discard those things that have become a burden to you; any form of negativity that you do not wish to carry forward into the future!

Carol: So true.

Karyn: Recently, a dear friend asked me to look through a list of Life Coaches who each claimed expertise in various areas of wisdom and experience. She asked me, “Which one do you feel I should choose?” I looked over her list and said, “I choose you! You have the knowledge you need in order to succeed. You can be your very own best counselor. You alone can access all the wisdom you have gleaned from your past experiences. You can reclaim your gift of resiliency with a pure desire to reach for what you truly desire to obtain. You are not the passenger riding in the vehicle of your life. You can choose to sit in the driver’s seat. You are the one who ultimately can access your own intuition by reaching deep down inside your “Self” to implement your own wisdom. By accessing your own inner strength, you can accomplish anything you choose to accomplish. You can do this simply by reconnecting and reclaiming your gift of resiliency!”

Carol: What a beautiful answer and what you went in depth with as you continued had to truly touch your friend, I am certain.

Karyn: My friend was elated to hear that I believed in her! She was excited and enthused as I reminded her that she has every quality she needs, in order to be her very best Life Coach! Perhaps, all she truly needs is someone with a listening ear to celebrate as she chooses to return and report her own questions and answers as she receives them! A truly good and excellent Life Coach will offer you a sounding board so that you can hear your own thoughts with compassion and honor your own answers with empathy. A good Life Coach will celebrate your divinity as it is revealed to your “Self”!

Many have learned to turn to someone else for external guidance and wisdom when perhaps, all we really need is to remember that we are divine souls traveling our own divine paths, endeavoring to discover our divine identities and fulfill our divine destinies in the process! Maybe what we really need is someone who will remind us of our capacity to claim more love, more joy and more peace in our lives than we have been satisfied with; someone who will take us when we are groping outward with all our questions and help us turn us inward to find those answers waiting to be claimed by simply being still.

“Be Still and Know That I Am God.” Recite to your innermost “I AM” that you are capable, worthy, deserving of laying down any degree of living in victimhood and access all the power which lies within you, and start choosing to live “Victoriously.”

Choose to: “Arise, Victorious!” one step at a time, one choice at a time, one decision at a time, one crucial moment at a time and eventually for one entire day at a time. Remember that “Upon One Strength Another is Built.” When your heart, mind and body feel downcast and you think that all is lost, remind yourself that the very best version of your “Self” that you may be presently rejecting, is only creating a vacancy in your life for the resilient, stronger, more passionately alive version of YOU.

Carol: Karyn, “What kind of questions can we ask ourselves?”

Karyn: Maybe something like…
1. What aspect of my life am I prone to play the victim?
2. When would I be willing to start reconnecting with my own sense of inner strength?
3. When would I be willing to start taking responsibility for my own actions and choices?
4. In what areas of my life would I like to make happier, healthier choices?
5. Who (or what) is my crutch that I lean on so that I don’t have to think/act/behave for myself?
6. Who do I turn to for acceptance, answers, validation (other than myself?)
7. In what areas of my life would I like to be victorious?

Carol: The strength to rise anew builds upon itself.

Karyn: Not everyone is born with a conscious awareness of, “I AM RESILIENT!” But each one of us can reach deep into our soulful selves, if need be, on a daily basis, and find that the gift of resiliency is a gem that is just waiting to be discovered. It is the gift of resiliency that is a companion to Hope. So, if you have lost hope in the future, it’s time to get on your knees and begin excavating the gift that God gave you. It’s time to “Reclaim Your Resilient Spirit.”

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