Understanding Adult Children of Divorce | Rewriting Your Future Happily Ever After

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In this unique, insightful and helpful series with Karyn Lynn Grant, we have so far covered: The Heart-Wrenching Impact of Divorce on Adult Children, Tips for Successful Single Parenting, Single Parents Playing the Dating Game and The Secret of Rewriting Happily Ever After is Forgiveness.

Today, we delve into Understanding Adult Children of Divorce: Rewriting Your Future Happily Ever After by Reframing Past Memories.

It seems that reframing a new version of what your “Happily Ever After Divorce” picture will look like going forward becomes the intricate issue at hand.

Karyn, welcome. What part of this scenario involves divorced parents as they rewrite their own unrealistic expectations that may now be subconsciously projecting onto adult children?

Karyn: We, as parents, may need to unravel some of our own skewed thinking involving some sad memories of past episodes in sad seasons gone by and try focusing on some of the happier, more positive memories we had, once-upon-a-time, of our former spouse.

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