JB Owen, Fast Becoming the World Top Female Transformational Leader, Ignites Others During Women’s History Month

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JB Owen, entrepreneur, bestselling author, mentor, speaker, and CEO of Ignite Publishing, has spent the month of March showing the world the power and excitement of being a woman in business. Ignite, the leader in empowerment publishing, has been focused on celebrating womanhood and the stories of remarkable women around the globe. Owen’s work has always focused on platforms that give women the opportunity to rise, empower themselves, and make their deepest desires possible. By launching life-changing books, building a global community, raising funds for a school in Cambodia, and mentoring entrepreneurs to build legacies, JB Owen will soon become the top female transformational leader on the planet.

Ignite rereleased their first book in the Ignite series, Ignite Your Life for Women, on March 21st. Originally published in May of 2019, Ignite Your Life for Women became an international bestseller in nine countries and eleven categories. The book focuses on the life stories of 35 female authors and gives insight into how they overcame hardships only to emerge triumphant and greater than before. Their life stories are a testament to the strength and feminine power that all women embody. The new edition features updated author information, additional downloadable content, and a gorgeous new cover.

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