Joseph Land Was Selected As One Of The Top 20 Business Sharks You Should Follow in 2021-2022

Joseph Land was featured in a “Future Sharks Publication” article showcasing entrepreneurs from all over the world that provides them with a platform to share their expertise. As a top-performing expert in his field, he was selected to be in the “Top 20 Business Sharks” that everybody should be following.

Here is what they had to say about Joseph Land in their article for the “Top 20 Business Sharks You Should Follow.”

“Joseph Land is the Founder and Chairman of JL Capital Group, LLC, an investment company based out of Charleston, South Carolina. JL Capital’s investments include Financial Services, Transportation, Real Estate, Technology, and other Operating companies. Joseph and his company provide funding for investors and entrepreneurs looking to expand their business, and with more than 35 years of experience, Joseph knows firsthand what being an entrepreneur entails. Joseph started Joseph Land Group, his refrigeration trucking company, with a $50,000 loan, and in 25 years, he did $189 million in sales. He eventually sold the company in 1994, and within six years, he created a Real Estate holding company with more than $140 million in assets.

However, his true passion lies in mentoring entrepreneurs and teaching them how to become successful from the ground up. As a result, from his experience in building companies, Joseph knows that acquiring capital is the most challenging part of the process. His goal with JL Capital is to help entrepreneurs gain capital through investments to help start and run their businesses. Joseph’s biggest obstacle thus far has been teaching others to see what others do not. Running a business requires extensive thought and analysis, and helping others hone their skills has been a challenge worth tackling. Moving forward, Joseph is looking to make more sound investments while expanding his network with new, younger entrepreneurs looking to create their space in the world today.”

Since 2021, Joseph Land has been busy growing his company to exceed all his expectations. Now that 2022 is on the horizon, Land has been focusing on his true passion in helping as many Entrepreneurs as possible see their dreams come true just like he did.

Joseph recently appeared on the “Landed for Success Show” with Gordon So and made an incredible offer for business owners to join the “Joseph Land Inner Circle Membership Club” for only $19.99 per month. This opportunity allows them to subscribe to his selected private inner circle of people who are learning invaluable tips and advice from his years of experience and knowledge on how they can build multiple million-dollar companies.

3 Huge Reasons Why Entrepreneurs Will Find This Beneficial :

  1. Get Up-Close With Joseph Land – People that attend this will have a chance to ask anything about Entrepreneurship. This will be done 1 hr live thru Zoom Meeting 4x per month.
  2. Exclusive Podcast Content – In-depth episodes on the latest happenings in the world of business today. Learn from Joseph Land’s experience and expertise.
  3. Weekly Newsletter – Joseph Land creates an exclusive newsletter for members to educate and update them about business financial and current events.  

As Joseph Land stated in the interview, “That he was not born with a silver spoon in his mouth, it was more like a plastic spoon.” Being raised in a tiny town of around 3000 people, Joseph had a family that supported him in his desire to become a professional baseball player. Joseph knew that no matter what people thought or said, he was determined to see that dream become a reality. The one thing contributing to that success is his strong-willed determination to succeed no matter what obstacles came his way. Rain or shine, day or night, day after day, Joseph practiced being the best he could be at this trade, honing his skills as a pitcher and a catcher until finally getting a call from the Los Angeles Dodgers to be a part of their team. Mission accomplished.

Even though he has accomplished so much in his lifetime, Joseph Land has a burning desire to mentor and help as many people as possible to see their dreams not be shattered.

Joseph Land Was Also Recently Recognized In Business Innovators Magazine As “The Renowned Elite, Success Mentor For Salespeople & High-Achievers”

Mr. Land’s dynamic personality and vast knowledge and experience as a motivator and accelerator have made him the perfect fit for Fortune 500 companies, CEOs, small business owners, non-profits, and community leaders from all sectors of society.

Mr. Land speaks worldwide and is a leading authority in helping energize his audiences to meet the world’s challenges around them. He skillfully weaves his remarkable life story of baseball and business into the fabric of daily lives. As a result, he motivates his audience to believe, achieve, and impact the world. In addition, he has spent decades working with individual entrepreneurs to major companies to help them maximize sales, productivity and achieve overall success. As a Master Communicator and Strategist. He skillfully weaves his remarkable life story of baseball and business into the fabric of our daily lives. He motivates his audience to believe, achieve, and make an impact on the world.

Tom Chesser

Tom Chesser is the owner of Rise Up Media and Marketing. He has a featured show, Rise Up Radio, an online broadcasting podcast.
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