Las Vegas – Oeno, The Fine Wine Merchants Is Returning to Las Vegas On May 7th At The Stirling Club And Will Be At The MoneyShow 2022, May 9th-10th

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Oeno, an Award-Winning London-based Fine Wine Investment Consultancy will be offering professional advice and services on all wine-related opportunities. Is in Las Vegas on May 7th at The Stirling Club Wine Tasting Event and May 9th-10th at The MoneyShow 2022.

Oeno Wine Tasting Event With Cheyanne Ivey At The Stirling Club:

OENO would like to welcome everyone to attend a fusion of fine wine tasting and investment opportunities at the opulent Stirling Club in the heart of Las Vegas. Be prepared to be bowled over by the luxurious surroundings and invaluable expertise offered by their industry experts whilst tasting three investment-grade fine wines. This one-of-a-kind exclusive event will serve as an opportunity to learn more about the fine wine market in a refined setting. For more information, For more information, RSVP to Cheyanne Ivey for a private tasting and talk at

Oeno Is Being Featured At Las Vegas Money Show 2022:

Oeno is returning to Las Vegas MoneyShow2022, one of the most influential investor conferences this month! They forward to welcoming everyone to Stand 223, right next to the Trading Pit from May 9th-11th to meet their investment experts and learn how fine wine can diversify and add value to an individual portfolio in the most turbulent environment, or even try out their newly launched, one-of-a-kind app in the world of fine wine, marrying the features of wine investment and e-commerce.

Book a meeting with their experts or don’t miss Oeno’s Workshop “Introduction to Collecting and Investing in Fine Wine”

Monday, May 9, 2022, 3:55 pm – 4:40 pm


Tuesday, May 10, 2022, 12:00 pm – 12:45 pm


Against a backdrop of market turbulence and uncertainty, the fine wine market has performed exceptionally in recent years. Since 2005 fine wine has seen a growth of 198%, making it a very attractive safe haven for investors keen to diversify their portfolio. OenoFuture’s expert consultants can help investors to discover the benefits of investing in this exciting market. They are true pioneers in fine wine investment, trailblazing a path through under-the-radar fine wine regions and revolutionizing the way collectors interact with this unique market. OenoFuture provides personalized advisory services for both newcomers and experienced fine wine collectors. Clients can choose to rely on their expertise to guide them all the way or, alternatively, take a more active role in their fine wine journey with their exceptional tasting events and winery tours.


More and more investors are recognizing the potential of investing in fine wine. A 2012 global survey by Barclays Wealth and Investment Management found that over a quarter of all high-net-worth individuals have a wine collection with at least 2% of their wealth tied up in fine wine. Looking at the supply side of the picture, the wine industry looks exceptionally healthy across both more traditional wine regions and developing regions.

  • The overall global figures for 2017 were:
  • 8 Million hectolitres of wine produced
  • 3 Million hectolitres of wine consumed
  • €30.4 Billion worth of wine exports

Digging deeper into this data, an analysis by country reveals that the market is dominated by three major producers, Spain, Italy, and France. Together these three accounted for 54.6% (58.9 MHL) of global market volumes in 2017 and 58.2% (€17.7 bn) of exports by value according to the Global Trade Atlas.

Private Investor Opportunities:

OENO has been recognized as “The European Fine Wine Investment Firm of the Year” for two consecutive years. Global Banking Finance Awards 2019 & 2020. Oeno’s award-winning, fully managed investment accounts are an ideal investment solution for both experienced collectors and those just beginning their journey into fine wine collecting. Their private account has a number of benefits:

Here is the Oeno Advantage

– Completely managed service

– No management fees

– Dedicated account manager

– Fully insured with FCA regulated third party

– Estimated 10% return

– Asset-backed

– All wines are purchased directly from the producer

– Wines are priced at market value or below

How it Works:

INVESTING – Once someone has decided on the amount of capital they wish to invest, a selection of the world’s finest investment-grade wines is procured on your behalf. These are sourced straight from the chateaux with a guarantee of perfect provenance.

STORE – The wine is stored in a state-of-the-art facility, ensuring that a person’s wine is kept in optimal conditions. Throughout the investment term, their dedicated account manager will advise them and inform them when profit opportunities present themselves.

GROW – Each portfolio is tailor-made to fit each investor’s unique requirements and investment incentives. To have the most profitable experience within the market they advise clients to have a 3–5-year strategy in place, although their clients frequently experience growth in a significantly shorter period of time.

To learn more about Oeno The Fine Wine Merchants go to

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